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6 Stylish Ways to Gain More Privacy in Your Garden

6 Stylish Ways to Gain More Privacy in Your Garden

Here in the UK, most gardens are pretty small and overlooked so it is only natural for you to want to gain a little more privacy in your garden. How can you do this in a practical yet stylish way? Read on to find out…


If you are after a soft yet natural option then growing bamboo is a fantastic way of screening your garden off from your neighbours without making it look too harsh or modern. It can be placed along fences or walls to create a little more height without being overpowering. Bamboo is also helpful in noisy areas as the dense foliage helps to baffle sound and, when the wind picks up, you will be rewarded by the lovely, gentle rustling of their leaves.

Bamboo For Privacy in Your Garden


Another natural choice would be to plant trees into the corners of your garden which will grow up and out to give you privacy but also shade as well as more interest. Trees really help to tie a garden together and they don’t give off that obvious “don’t look into my garden” message. As well as being beautiful they should also help to attract more wildlife to your outside space.


Building a pergola over say your patio area and planting climbing plants such as ivy, clematis or jasmine will give you a stunning focal point and help to create a very private section of your garden. Once those plants take hold they will cover the top, creating a fantastic living roof. You could also hang lanterns or fairy lights across the top of the pergola to allow you to continue using it in the evening – a private and romantic setting in one.

Feature Wall

Building a feature wall in your garden may sound a little odd but this can work wonders for privacy. As long as you stay within boundary heights, your new wall could be cleverly placed in eyeline of any neighbours windows and be painted in a striking colour that will draw attention to it. You will now have a focal point that yourself and others will love to look at and a little more privacy in your garden.

Slatted Wall

If part of your garden looks out with no boundary fence or with a small fence you could build a slatted wall to gain the privacy you need without losing too much natural light. The slats will help to prevent any passerby from being able to see in but you will still get your view just with a pretty new feature.

Garden Room

A garden room is the biggest of the ideas here for providing privacy in your garden, but if you want to use your garden for exercise, for play time with the kids, for art or reading and really want to be able to do it in private, without any watchful eyes or even during bad weather then a garden room is a fantastic option.

The great thing is that a building like this is available in a wide range of sizes and styles and is suitable for any size garden so even if you only have a small space, you will be able to find a garden room that won’t impose on this but will enhance the area you have whilst making it that little more functional. As for privacy, you can’t ask for more. With walls, a roof, windows and bi-fold doors you can easily work or exercise away with confidence.

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