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garden boundary ideas

Three Great Garden Boundary Ideas You Can Try This Year

Whether you love your neighbours or prefer to avoid them, alternative garden boundary ideas are always welcome. We all need to mark out our territory to allow us to enjoy our gardens however we wish to. You may feel the need for more privacy, or to settle a dispute over land, but in general, most of us just want to be able to personalise our gardens to suit our own needs.

If the age-old standards of fencing and brick walls doesn’t quite fit in with your vision of how your garden should look, there’s no need to worry: there’s plenty of options for those looking for something a little different.

Garden Boundary Ideas

Depending on the size and shape of your garden, some of these ideas may work better than others for your particular space. It’s important to factor in how the space that you’re working with will accommodate your ideas. Make sure that whatever you choose suits the dimensions of your outdoor area. 

Allow nature to take care of it with trees

Trees can make for a beautiful garden boundary, and lend your outdoor space a more natural feel. There’s hundreds of different types of tree to choose from, so finding one that fits your outdoor aesthetic shouldn’t be a problem. Evergreen varieties such as a monterey cypress conifer will offer privacy all year round, with the added benefit of its lemon-scented pines that can be smelled when cut or brushed against.

Be careful to take into account how big your trees are likely to get however. Large trees can not only annoy neighbours, but also cause structural damage to your house if their root systems are too invasive.

A garden room can also act as a boundary

Why not put your boundary to good use, and allow it to double up as a practical space for you to enjoy?

Using an outbuilding as a boundary will automatically create a tall barrier that creates privacy, while also adding extra living, work, or storage room to your property. Many decide to use a garden room to delineate the boundary at the end of their gardens. This in turn, makes the building feel less like part of the house, and more of a relaxing place to run away to, or an office space away from distractions.

UK homeowners should be aware that any outbuilding within two metres of a boundary has to be less than 2.5 metres tall, so you can forget about any mini skyscrapers adorning the end of your lawn.

garden boundary ideas

Decorative stone boundaries

Often seen more in front gardens, low or land-level boundaries can be a superb idea for those that want a very low-maintenance solution. Digging out a lane of sorts and filling it with stone is easily one of the most simple ways to mark out your territory. Just remember to lay a semi-permeable lining below the rocks that allows for sufficient drainage without giving chance for weeds to grow between the stones.

You can punctuate your stone boundary with small statues or pot plants along the way to really add some extra style to it. Stone animals are always readily available, giving you opportunity to explore different themes such as farm animals for farmhouses, or sea life for coastal properties. Give some thought to the type of stone you plan to use too. There’s a myriad of options available now, so don’t feel restrained by the one or two types in your local garden centre.

Of course, it’s worth factoring in your neighbours when considering one of these. If they have a messy garden, you may not particularly want to be able to see more of it. If they have a young family or dog however, you may find balls and unwanted visitors in your garden frequently.

With any of these options, you’ll need to discuss your garden boundary ideas with your neighbours first. Any potential changes you make will have an effect for them too. You may need to amend your plans to accommodate when they can allow for work to be done, or even change them altogether if there’s scope for conflict. If you get on particularly well with your neighbours though, there’s a chance that they may even help you make your plans a reality by chipping in with funds, or helping you with the labour.

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