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Weatherproof Your Garden Room

Think Garden Buildings Are Only For Summer? Think Again!

Many people think of garden buildings as a luxury that they can only enjoy during the glorious summer months of the year, but think again!

Our ethos is that a garden room should be seen and used as an extension of your home.

Garden buildings can and should be used all year round.

No matter what function you choose, your garden building will be kitted out so that you can get the most use you possibly can!


Each and every one of our garden buildings are fully insulated to a high specification. We ensure that not only our walls are insulated but also the roof as well.

The additional use of a breathable membrane wrap in our walls allows water vapour to escape to the outside of the building, removing the need for ventilation directly above the insulation layer. This means that during those colder months, you will really feel the benefit of being warm without experiencing any mould or condensation issues.

insulation in a garden buliding

A heating system of some description will still be required but we provide a 1.5kw heater as standard with all of our packages. With your heat not being lost to the outside thanks to the insulation, you will also be able to save on your heating/electric bills for this area of your home.

We often hear back that garden buildings are extremely cosy and snug during the winter months and still as enjoyable as in the summer and the main reason is thanks to this insulation.


Another factor that will make your garden building a great environment all year round is the use of lighting.

garden buildings with lighting can be used all year round

In the summer, this won’t be so much of an issue as our large bi-folding doors and windows will allow plenty of natural light to flood in but in the colder months and with the darker evenings you will need additional sufficient lighting.

We know this is a very important area which is why all of our garden building styles come with a track light with 4 adjustable spotlights, canopy lights, 4 double sockets and 1 light switch as standard. If you have other preferences such as wall lights or extra sockets, we’ll fit them to meet your requirements. This will provide plenty of light for you when working in dull conditions.


The decor you choose will have a huge impact on how your garden building looks and feels throughout the year and although you may be drawn to darker shades as many are currently in fashion, you may want to opt for light and airy pastels to make the space feel more open even when you have to have the doors closed in the winter.

Inside a cosy garden building

By selecting warm cushions, throws, blankets, rugs and so on, you will be able to create a cosy and warm area for those chilly days. We would also recommend taking some time to think about the type of curtains you would want to add. Those with a thicker material will also assist in holding the heat in the room for you.

Little Extras

Additionally, you may also want to think about adding a small log burner to really maximise on the heat and that cosy feel they can bring- just imagine sitting in there at Christmas with mulled wine in hand and a plate of nibbles. (Please do have this installed safely by an expert).

Tea’s Up!

Kitchen in Jonny's garden building

And lastly, don’t forget to add your designated kitchenette area so that you can make your hot drinks as and when you need them without having to leave the warmth of your garden building.

…And there you have it, reasons why a Modern Garden Room works in the winter just as well as it does in the summer.

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