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Turn Your Home Office Buildings Into A Relaxing Outdoor Home Yoga Studio

Want to Extend? A Garden Cabin Could Give You The Space You Need

When people start to think about the space they lack in their homes, their first thoughts often go to moving house in order to gain the rooms they desire or to extending their current home but there actually is another option; building a garden cabin.

Gone are the days when a garden cabin was a mere shed, today’s cabins are warm, light, airy, insulated and can be used in a variety of ways.

Here are 7 ways that we think a garden cabin could extend your home.

Use your new garden room order to help you to gain the essential space you need and extend your home in a more affordable way.

Home Office

A home office has gone from being a luxury to something of a necessity for many people over the past year and it could be here to stay. When space is at a premium in the house, a garden cabin could be the perfect solution.

You can have the desk you have always longed for, the space for extra office equipment such as a photocopier, printer and a large comfortable chair. You will also have room for a kitchenette for your hot drinks, you could include a sofa for your breaks, appropriate lighting for your work and most importantly, the silence. There are no distractions, no one asking you for something, no pet rubbing around your leg, no chores surrounding you making you feel guilty; your garden office is a retreat as well as your workspace.

Dog sleeping in garden home office garden cabin with woman in background

Home Gym

Another choice for a garden cabin which is rising in popularity now that gyms are closed, is a home gym. This also usually ends up being set up in the home inside a spare bedroom but it just doesn’t have the right ‘feel’ for working out in, does it?

Carpet underfoot, inappropriate flooring, the worry that it may disturb the neighbours, no air conditioning… it isn’t ideal. With a garden cabin room, you could select all of your additional requirements when you order the building in order to achieve your perfect workout area.

Reading Room

When it comes to picking up a good book, we often want an area in the house where we can simply sink into the story. No distractions, no TV, no doorbell, no noise; just a place where we can escape. Unfortunately, that is usually hard to come by in a standard modern home which is why the garden is a fantastic alternative. Where better to get your nose stuck into a book than in a calm, airy, light, cosy cabin that has been decorated entirely to your taste? Bliss!

Reading in your new garden cabin

Hobby Room

As with reading, a hobby is usually an activity that you want to do in a dedicated area that is set up for all your needs. One hobby that immediately springs to mind for a garden room is painting. With this hobby comes far more equipment which means that more space is required. Imagine having a large room that will fit an easel, a chair, a table for paints, a sink for washing up and a desk for drawing. Add in the relaxing atmosphere and lovely view of your garden and you’ll be in an artist’s heaven.

Children’s Play Room

This is surely every parent’s dream?! A room where all of those toys can be kept and at the end of the day the door can be closed along with any mess. Your living room can be your own space again in the evening and you won’t have to think about tidying up just for it to all come out again the next morning. Of course, it isn’t all about you parents. To have a space for your children to play freely, to express themselves without any constraints and to have a place where role play can be encouraged will truly benefit their development and learning. Being able to spill this play area out into the garden just makes it even more ideal.

Garden cabin Ideas for your Outdoor Playroom

Yoga Room

A garden cabin is the perfect setting in which to do your daily yoga. With natural light pouring in through bi-fold doors, a large floor area for your mat and other yoga equipment, plus a calming and tranquil atmosphere, you will get so much more out of your workout than inside your home. You could even think about renting out this space to yoga instructors or setting up yoga groups so you can socialise as you exercise.

Games Room

When it comes to a games room I always picture a pool table, arcade games, a ping-pong table or perhaps a football table. All the things you wouldn’t ever really want in your house and ones that usually end up taking up valuable space inside the garage instead. A garden cabin could easily house all of the items and there would be enough room for it all to be set up all year round to bring plenty of entertainment for friends and family.

Those are our 7 ways in which we think a garden cabin could extend your home. Do you have any you would add? How do you use your garden cabin?

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