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Give Your Homeschooling Journey a Headstart with a Garden Classroom

If you have been considering homeschooling your child/children or have just recently made this change then you may have already turned your mind to the home set-up and location. We understand that this can be tricky to navigate as you will probably want a dedicated space so that school work doesn’t encroach on home life but we also get that not every house can provide this which is why we want to show you how a Modern Garden Classroom can be the ideal solution.

It is Fully Insulated for Year Round Use

For starters, all of our Garden Rooms are fully insulated and designed and built to a very high spec. This will allow you to use this space as your homeschooling setting all year round without having to ever adapt it for the summer or the winter.

Your Garden Classroom has Electricity and Heating

On top of this, a Garden Classroom will come with electricity and heating which will allow you to work in all lights and on the colder days quite comfortably. There is also scope to add a toilet and sink so do make sure you ask us about this at the time of enquiry and design.

You Can Create a Large Open Space

Our Modern Garden Rooms provide plenty of open space with an easy clean floor which is perfect for homeschooling activities. You can choose to divide this space up into separate smaller areas such as a reading nook, an arts and crafts corner, a table area for working at, a chill-out zone and a play area. This will allow you to homeschool to your full potential without the restrictions your home could bring.

modern garden classroom

There’s Easy Garden Access

We know how nature and homeschooling go hand in hand which is why it is beneficial to have immediate access to your garden. A garden classroom comes built with large bi-fold doors which can be flung open in the summer months to allow your children to come and go as they need to during their school day. It also means you can utilise both areas as study settings and you can allow the homeschool room to get as mucky as you like without the worry you would have if this was inside your home. Even during the colder months, the bi-fold doors will allow your children to connect with nature by providing a place for them to watch for wildlife through the window and track the weather and seasons.

A Garden Classroom Affords Quiet and Privacy

A big problem with homeschooling inside your house is the worry of noise, distractions from the phone or door, possibly noisy neighbours and so on. A Modern Garden Classroom will enable you to leave all of those behind and provide you with a quiet and private space in which to focus and work and play.

So, as you can see, a Modern Garden Room has many benefits as your homeschooling setting. If you love the sound of this why not get in contact with us today?

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