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Self Care Is More Important Than Ever: A Garden Den Can Help

Self Care Is More Important Than Ever: A Garden Den Can Help

Self care is extremely important for mental health, particularly after the year that we have all been through. Self care can take many forms, and a garden den can help!

Prioritising self care in your garden den

In search of peace and quiet?

For people with a busy house, the desire to get away to somewhere quiet can be quite overwhelming. If inside the house is a hubbub of children, pets and other people, then a garden room can provide a peaceful escape from it all.

Create a reading snug

Nothing quite compares to getting lost in a good book, but when you are finding it hard to concentrate it can be very frustrating! With a comfy seat, a reading light, a blanket and a hot cup of tea, the den at the end of the garden can be the perfect retreat to get through that stack of novels you’ve had waiting for ages.

Try yoga

Yoga can be a great way not only to improve fitness, but improve mindfulness, and is an excellent way to practice self care. A garden den, opened onto the garden or filled with pot plans can be a really grounding and peaceful place place to have a yoga studio. See our guide to creating your own yoga studio here.

Self Care Is More Important Than Ever: A Garden Den Can Help

Meet up with friends

Not everyone enjoys being alone; for some of us surrounding ourselves with friends is our definition of self care, so why not create a space for socialising and shared enjoyment? You could turn your den into a games room or a cinema, or how about your own pub at the end of the garden? You’ll have to fight to keep your friends away if you set up your own well-stocked garden bar or wine tasting room!

Relax with a massage or beauty treatment

There are plenty of mobile massage and beauty therapists that will be happy to come and give you treatments in your own house. Whether you enjoy a luxurious facial or getting your nails manicured regularly, why not get it done in your very own, relaxing space? You can create your own preferred atmosphere, filling the space with plants and lush furnishings and play your own music.

If you prefer to do home treatments, then it can be nice to put on a face mask and flick through a magazine entirely undisturbed.

Take up bird watching

If you get up early in the morning, then ornithology can be a very relaxing hobby and a garden den can be a great location from which to spot and watch the birds that visit your garden. Here is a bit more about bird watching from your own garden room.

A space to create

Many people find peace in being creative. Whether you are creating art or music, writing poetry or maybe working on your own book, a garden den can give you somewhere to indulge your hobbies without being disturbed. It also means you don’t have to tidy everything away between each session which is a pain; simply close the door and walk away, and come back to it when you want to.

Whatever you fancy, it’s important to make sure you have time just for you!

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