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garden dog grooming parlour

Creating a Garden Dog Grooming Parlour in Your Back Yard

Since 2020 many more people have worked from home but what is even more interesting is that this change in lifestyle also saw changes in careers taking shape. Those who found the benefits of working from home and taking a slower pace of life started to realise that starting their own businesses could benefit them even further and the top choices have been reported as fitness instructors, beauticians, dog walkers, gardeners and dog groomers (what with the boom of dog ownership taking place). If the latter is where your heart and head went to but you now require permanent premises, why not look to your very own back garden dog grooming parlour for this?

Garden Room Dog Grooming Parlour

The most convenient way of creating a dog grooming parlour is by building a garden room in your outdoor space. Not only will this keep your home life and work life separate but it will also look professional, provide enough space for all of your equipment and be a warm and comfortable space for both you and your doggy clients.

All Year Round

A garden room is built to a high spec which means it is fully insulated, will have electricity, lighting and heating and it can also have a water supply. This will allow you to use this room all year round without it becoming cold in the winter or too hot in the summer.


Creating your back garden dog grooming parlour will allow you to provide easy access for your clients to come and go without the need for anybody to traipse through your house. This again, looks far more professional and protects your home from mess.

No Commute

A popular way of carrying out dog grooming has been to provide it as a mobile service. This may be convenient to clients but for you as the business owner, it would mean extra overheads such as petrol, car maintenance, van upgrade (if you did from the back of a vehicle), possibly increased insurance and risk of the vehicle being broken into. Being able to work from home takes out that commute and all that comes with it, giving you better working hours and improved home/work life balance.


A garden room will also provide you with ample space for all the equipment you could wish for and more. A large bath for every breed you cater for, crates, a range of clippers and brushes, a drying area, an office space, waiting section for the owners and so on and on. This business could really bloom once you invest in all of these things.

garden dog grooming parlour

Perfect Environment

This is probably one of the biggest benefits of using a specially built room as your garden dog grooming parlour – you can create the perfect working environment that works for you. Using a van may have been a good idea at the time, but how many times did you feel your back aching, did you get annoyed at the lack of space, frustrated by the lack of natural light or chilly in the winter months? With permanent premises you can adapt the space to work for you each and every day. Garden rooms are known for their large bi-fold doors which can bring in lots of lovely, natural light. They can also have additional windows added if required. They will be insulated and have heating (as mentioned above) keeping your fingers working and toasty even on the most wintery day. Your dog bath could be installed at the right height for yourself. You could have a variety of tables, your equipment easily available and space to move freely around. You could even have music playing or tv on to provide some background noise and make the working day more enjoyable. This is YOUR parlour and your perfect environment.

If this sounds like something you’d like to look into further why not give us a call today?

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