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Garden Entertaining – How To Create an Enchanting Outdoor Space

Garden entertaining has become very much the norm in the last year which has led to a lot more focus being placed on outdoor spaces – and rightly so, we think. Gardens have been overlooked for far too long, often being seen as a place for chores or neglected due to our lovely British weather but having this space can and should be a joy, it is a privilege and it can spark the creativity that you may not know you have. Here are a few ways in which we think you could create an enchanting outdoor space to entertain any guest.


Even if you aren’t an avid gardener, you can still add interest in your garden by using different sized pots and a variety of plants and flowers. Easy plants to consider would be Lavender, Thyme, Rosemary, Daisies, Geraniums and so on. Placing these around a patio, on paths, on decking, on the top of walls or on a table will immediately bring a splash of colour to your garden, it will instantly make a boring section far prettier and will begin to attract more insects such as bees and butterflies.


Lighting is vital because it will allow you to continue entertaining into the night plus it will create a lovely atmosphere for your guests. If your garden has sectioning or you want to design different areas for people to enjoy, then why not try using different lighting options across your outdoor space? Pretty fairy lights give the sense of romance and calm summer evenings, these would look perfect draped over bushes, trailing along a fence or climbing up a pergola. You could use larger spot lights for a patio or dance floor area. You could use small solar lights to trail along a path and don’t forget how effective candles can be on a beautiful evening.


A pergola makes a stunning focal point in a garden because it fits in perfectly with planting, trees and flowers. It doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb but adds a touch of elegance whilst also being functional. By growing climbing plants up and over the top you can create the most enchanting outdoor space for entertaining.

Garden Entertaining – How To Create an Enchanting Outdoor Space


Garden entertaining in the UK can be tricky; it is inevitable that the nights will be chilly so the best way to deal with this would be to use something as simple as a firepit or a chimnea. These will add to the atmosphere you are trying to give to your guests, they will work well to keep everybody warm and you could even toast some marshmallows for a little bit of extra entertainment.

Soft Furnishings

Your guests are now fed, warm, they have a stunning garden to look at so let’s make sure they are also comfortable. Take inspiration from Morocco and add large cushions to the furniture and also the patio, purchase outdoor rugs to provide a homely feel, provide your guests with throws that they can wrap around themselves to get snuggly and bring your home comforts to your garden party.

Garden Room

If your budget is good, investing in a garden room will provide you with all you need to entertain in your garden for years to come. Your garden room can be a place for dining, it could be the home of your garden bar, it could be where you store all of the furniture and soft furnishings you need and it will protect you from the wind, rain or cold.

On top of this, you could dress the inside and the decking up with your flowers and plants as well as pretty fairy lights to create a wonderful enchanting outdoor entertaining space.

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