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Creating a Garden That's Perfect For Entertaining Your Guests

Creating a Garden That’s Perfect For Entertaining Your Guests

Do you love holding social events but find that the rooms in your home aren’t big enough for your guests to fit comfortably? Why not take all your socialising fun into the garden instead! Although you may not think your garden can be enjoyed all year round, it certainly can be, and this article will show you how to turn your garden into the perfect space for entertaining.

Get Your Garden Ready For Entertaining With Seating

This is one of the most important steps to follow if you want to transform your garden for entertaining. After all, you don’t want both you and your guests to stand around awkwardly and uncomfortably. Luckily, plenty of seating options are available at the click of a button, and you will also find them at your local furniture store. 

If your garden is small and you don’t want to crowd your space with seating, take a look at some folding garden chairs. You can store them away in your garden shed once you are done with them; the best part is they are easy to keep clean as you won’t leave them out all year round. For more garden seat inspiration, find some pictures online and create a mood board to determine your favourite styles. 

Create An Outdoor Dining Space

Is there anything more sociable than having dinner with friends? If this is something that you regularly like to do with your loved ones, why not create the ultimate al fresco dining setup? Creating an outdoor dining area is a great way to bring your loved ones together, and it also means you can enjoy your garden all year round. Add a BBQ to the space – because, let’s face it, who doesn’t love some tasty BBQ food?

You may be wondering – what will happen if it rains? You can cover your outdoor dining space with a pergola. It is an outdoor structure that is built from posts and beams. It creates a sheltered area so you and your guests can enjoy protection from the rain. If you think this still isn’t weatherproof enough, then a modern garden room with insulated walls can be used to take the party to the garden in all weathers.

Creating a Garden That's Perfect For Entertaining Your Guests

Think About Lighting

Does your garden lose the sunlight quickly? Or maybe your outdoor space is shaded? If so, you will find that your garden becomes dark quite quickly. Adding lighting to your outdoor space can really bring it to life and add warmth to your garden. It will certainly help create a relaxing ambience that will be much more enjoyable for your guests. 

There are plenty of options when it comes to garden lighting. You can illuminate pathways using solar lights – or hang festoon lights across your fence panels. The great thing is that your options are pretty much endless. Head down to your local home store and look at the different lighting styles on offer. The brighter you can make your space, the more inviting it will become to your guests. 

Invest In Smart Storage Solutions 

If you are tight on space in your garden, this doesn’t mean you cannot turn it into your dream social space for entertaining. Instead, you need to think carefully about your layout and utilise storage options. Investing in a shed or garden room gives you additional storage space in your garden. You can use it to store away garden tools, lawn mowers, kids’ toys, the list goes on! It can help clear out space so you can put out seating for your guests when they arrive. 

You Can Get Outdoor Soft Furnishings

You need to make your garden feel as relaxing as possible if you want it to be an inviting space for entertaining. Lighting can certainly help with this, as well as soft furnishings. You may think that pillows and rugs don’t belong outside, however, there are now plenty of options for outdoor soft furnishings. Simply conduct a quick online search to find them or visit your local garden centre. 

Soft furnishing like pillows and outdoor rugs help to bring the inside out. It will feel like your own outdoor living room, which will certainly help you achieve the cosy atmosphere you had hoped for. Your guests are sure to love it, and it will also help add some warmth to the space. You can even put some blankets out so they can be used once the temperature drops. During the warmer months, pop your blankets in your shed or garden room to keep your space organised. 

Get Cosy Around A Fire Pit

The winter months can certainly be cold. Although you may not want to socialise in your garden during this time, you still can by adding some warmth to the space. Although lighting can add warmth, you certainly won’t feel it. So, what is the next best thing, you ask? A fire pit! There is no denying that a fire pit can become a useful accessory in your garden. Not only do they look great, but they can make your garden feel cosy even on the coldest of days. 

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