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Garden Gym Equipment for a Full Workout at Home

Once the vision for a home gym in your garden has become a reality, you’ll need to kit it out. These garden gym equipment ideas will help you bring your workout to a whole new level. Whether your workout will be contained in your garden room, or you plan to utilise the outdoor space too, there’s something for everyone in this list.

Garden Gym Equipment Ideas

Everyone has to start somewhere, so whether you’re beginning your fitness journey or you’re a keep fit pro, there will be some fabulous fitness equipment to catch your eye.

A smart bike is a great place to start

If you’ve chosen a home gym over getting out to your local leisure centre, it’s likely you’ve got a taste for fitness, but don’t have the time to leave home for your workout. Perhaps you’ve got a busy corporate job and you workout on your lunch break, or maybe you only have a short slot of free time while your toddler naps. Whatever the reason you’re working out from home, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the atmosphere of joining a class in person.

Smart bikes have the opportunity to stream live classes and let you be a part of it. Smart bikes do require a bigger budget than regular free-standing exercise bikes, but they’re well worth it if you miss the motivation of a gym class and have the funds to invest in the equipment and subscribe to the service.

Garden Gym Equipment

Make the most of storage for portable garden gym equipment like battle ropes

If the weather where you live is changeable, or you share an outdoor space with your family or others, you may not be able to erect permanent garden gym equipment outside. Don’t worry if this is the case, as there’s still loads of more portable equipment options you can utilise outdoors. If you’re thinking about a home gym, remember that any outbuilding can also double up as a great storage solution for outdoor gym items.

Battle ropes (or heavy ropes) for example are a great option for building strength and fitness at the same time, but they do require a fair amount of room to work with, making them a perfect outdoor option. Shelving brackets in a large enough outbuilding would make for an ideal way to store these to ensure they take up as little space as possible.

Opt for a classic weights bench

For many, a home gym will almost certainly contain a trusty weights bench. These can often take up more room than you might first realise though, so be sure to factor this in when choosing the size of any potential outbuildings.

Your common garden shed often won’t be sufficient for the size you’ll need, nor will the flooring be particularly suitable. Look for options with heavy-duty flooring that will be able to absorb the impact of the inevitable dropped barbell now and again.

Consider freestanding callisthenics equipment

For fans of callisthenics, a permanent outdoor spot to practise bodyweight moves such as chin ups or human flags would be perfect. Freestanding equipment to support these exercises can either be purchased or made, but to ensure its longevity, you may wish to invest in some sort of shelter to shield it from the elements. This also doubles up as shelter for you, making it possible to work out even in wet conditions.

Speaking of wet conditions, if you already have decking in your garden, beware of slip risks when exercising after a damp spell. The most fundamental thing that any gym should offer is secure and stable footing when performing your exercises.

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