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make a garden living room cosy

Five Ways To Make Your Garden Living Room More Cosy

As Christmas approaches, it’s time to put more effort into making your living spaces warm, comforting and cosy. If you have a garden living room and you want to keep using it throughout the winter, here are some tips.

Making Your Garden Living Room Cosy

1. Heat the space up well

An obvious one to begin, but you’re not going to get cosy in a cold space. This is the time for roaring log fires and snuggling up on the sofa, but it’s a little tricky to install a whole fireplace in your garden living room!

A plug-in heater or radiator can make the whole space much cosier.

Or, if you want to go down a more rustic, rough and ready look then you could look at getting a gorgeous little log burner installed in the corner of your garden living room. You will need to get it done professionally but it’s entirely possible! Because garden living rooms are well insulated and heat up quickly, you’ll need a very small log burning fire and you will need to get it installed by a professional.

log burning fire stove: make a garden living room cosy

2. Tis the season for faux fur

I don’t advocate the use of fur, but the use of faux fur is an entirely different matter. Nothing can quite bring about a sense of total cosiness in a garden living room as much as faux fur throw or two on the sofa; maybe some faux fur cushions too to get the whole effect. Wrapping yourself up in something that Jon Snow would wear during a northern winter is a lovely way of enjoying those nippy nights in front of the aforementioned log burning stove.

3. Curtains

Curtains keep the light out but they also help keep the heat in, and make places seem cosier. Thick, thermal curtains don’t have to be expensive and curtain rails are easy enough to install yourself. Closing your curtains as you settle down to watch your favourite tv show with a mug of hot chocolate or a glass of wine, under your faux fur throw, is the perfect way to pass a chilly evening.

4. Layer up on your rugs

For everyone that doesn’t have underfloor heating, it can be chilly underfoot in your garden living room. If you thought there was a one rug per room rule that you had to follow, then think again. That’s because there is no such as too many rugs or carpets. If you really wanted to, you could overlap a dozen rugs to create a sort of cosy little Moroccan vibe in your living room. Just try not to trip over it.

5. Cosy lighting

It’s already dark by 4pm which means you’re going to need a lot of light. A great way to ensure that your garden living room feels as cosy as it possibly can is to dot lamps around. Wherever you can squeeze in a floor lamp, do it. Grab another end table, do some shuffling, find a way to make it fit on that shelf. Lamps just have a gorgeous way of illuminating a room in a soft glow, as well as being able to highlight a favourite spot in a room, and make a space more welcoming and cosy!

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