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Garden Living Room – Canopy Room 4m x 3m

A garden living room is the perfect place to kick back and relax. It gives you the freedom to chill out with a drink and an evening of gaming, without worrying about hogging the main TV.

Everyone dreams of their own space, away from the rules and red tape of the main family home. A place where they can put their feet on the furniture (even before they’ve kicked off their shoes), and be the master of their own TV remote.

Dave's Garden Living Room (2)

Dave in Scotland was desperate for a living room in his garden, where he’d be able to entertain his friends or entertain himself. Thankfully, Modern Garden Rooms knew how to give him exactly what he wanted.

Garden Living Room Specification:

Dave’s garden living room is 4m x 3m canopy room

This model of canopy room comes with aluminium fixed windows and a stainless steel electrical package as standard, which was also upgraded to include 2.5m aluminium bifold doors and a larger area tantalised softwood decking.

Client Name:

Dave from Ayr, Scotland

Dave's Garden Living Room (2)


Dave wanted his own bit of space at the end of the garden, where he could relax and do what he liked without interruption. It was important to him that there would be an electrical supply, as he would mostly be using the room for gaming and watching sports out of the way of his family. 

His main wish was for a garden sitting room with a relaxed atmosphere, and he wanted extra decking at the front so that he could sit outside when the nice weather hit. 

Our Solution:

Dave's Garden Living Room (2)

We were able to adapt our canopy room to meet Dave’s needs.

The stylish garden room, positioned on the sloping part of his garden, came with some decking as standard and we were happy to extend it per his request to give him a flat and useful space.

With additional windows the room is light and airy – even on dull Scottish days. It also came fitted with downlights within the canopy, meaning the garden canopy room looks beautiful when it’s illuminated at night. 

The room is suitable for use during the evening and during the day time, which means Dave can slip away whenever his team is playing and watch the match in peace, without disrupting the rest of his family’s viewing habits.

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