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garden living rooms for teens and adults

How To Decorate Garden Living Rooms For Teens Or Adults

Garden living rooms are the new trend when it comes to home improvements. They’re cheaper and quicker to build than an extension or a loft conversion. They also create extra living space in your home.

Modern homes are being built without a second reception room. This is great if you’re a fan of a large kitchen-diner (which often takes their place), but not ideal if you’ve got a growing family that loves to spread out. As your children get bigger and start to want friends over regularly, you might find you need somewhere to put them.

Most parents aren’t keen on giving up their lounge for the sake of some rowdy kids. Having a group of friends pile into your child’s bedroom might not be ideal either. This is where garden living rooms really come into their own.

When it comes to having a garden living room, you can choose to either make a new living space for yourself, decorate it so it’s appropriate for teens who entertain, or make a versatile room that’s great for both.

Decorating Garden Living Rooms

Decorating a garden room largely depends on the type of room it is and how you’ll use it. For example, a converted garage is likely to be a bit dingy and cold. You’ll need to take this into account when decorating, and consider adding heating and light sources.

If you’re having a garden room purpose built (which is what most people go for) then you’ll have a lot more options. Modern garden rooms are built with heating and electricity, meaning warmth and entertainment is no issue. They also have lots of windows, which allows for a lot of natural light to illuminate the living space. This can look especially good with light colours to maximise the luminance of the room and make it look bright and airy.

Below are some decorating suggestions based on what you might used the room for.

Garden Living Rooms For Teens

If you’re setting up your garden room as a place for your teens to relax, you’ll need to bear in mind the sort of things teens like. It’s likely they’ll want a TV with access to some popular streaming services. Even if you don’t want to pay a subscription, it makes sense to get a Smart TV so they have access to free streaming services offered by the networks. 

Comfy seating is a must, but you don’t need to splash out on lots of chairs and sofas. One sofa should suffice, and large floor bean bags are handy seats for young bodies without any aches and pains!

Think about hanging bright, fun prints on the walls to make the living space feel like it’s aimed at the teens and they’re not just borrowing your sitting room.

Bean bag in garden living rooms

A Garden Living Space For Adults

If you new garden room is strictly for the grown-ups, you can afford to splash out on more expensive, stylish décor. Treat yourself to items you’d never let the kids near, like a high quality white rug, or a candle that costs more than a meal at a fancy restaurant. 

Keep your drinks trolley in your garden room, and maybe invest in a wine fridge. After all, a modern garden room will have a power supply, you might as well use it to your advantage!

A Shared Living Space For Kids And Adults

Decorating for both children and adults requires a little compromise. There’s no reason to give up on getting that expensive sofa, just cover it in throws so that it’s harder to stain. If you’ve got a wine fridge, consider adding soft drinks for the kids to enjoy. 

Keep walls neutral and artwork to your tastes. It might be worth investing in a cordless vacuum to keep out in the garden room. If it’s going to be a shared space, it’s likely to get a lot of use.

When dealing with garden living rooms, the best thing to do is go with your gut. If a certain furniture piece is calling out to you, you might as well get it. Keep the space open to being versatile, as you might want to take it over when the teens have gone away to university. Whatever you choose to do will be an investment and a sanity-saver in equal measure.

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