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Can a Garden Living Space Be Used as an Extra Bedroom?

As your children get older, your home can feel like it’s shrinking. That’s why homeowners often consider a garden living space as an option when they need an extra bedroom.

There are several options to consider when it comes to garden living spaces, as some are more permanent than others. Not all garden rooms need planning permission, but usually, most councils require some form of official permission for any rooms being used as a bedroom.

Before you start on your garden room project, it’s always best to seek advice on the permissions required. Councils can order you to demolish buildings that they deem to have been erected illegally. It’s likely you’ll need to look into building regulations if you plan to add a toilet or a shower to any structure you build.

Once you’ve established your needs, the next step is to decide on which garden living space is best for your home.

can you live in a garden living space

Deciding on the Right Garden Living Space

When you decide to add another bedroom to your home by utilising a garden space, the next step is to consider what’s best for your needs. This will largely depend on how much use you believe the bedroom will get.

If you’re looking to create an outdoor guest room that might only get used a few times a year, you might not want to spend a lot. Conversely, if you’re hoping to give an older teen some extra space and privacy, you’ll probably want to make them as comfortable as possible.

Below are some options for possible garden living spaces to use as a bedroom: 

A Garden Room

A garden room can be used for many things, from an extra sitting room to a temporary living space. This is the most versatile option, which is ideal if you want to create something can bring comfort for a few years while your older child uses it as a bedroom, but can easily be used for other things after they’ve moved out.

It is possible to build a garden room with running water. If you want to build a bedroom with an en suite, a toilet and shower can also be added. A purpose built bedroom will create a homely feel but might also be a more expensive solution.

A Refurbished Garage

Whether your garage is attached to the house or down the bottom of your garden, it could provide a great solution for an extra bedroom. Converting a garage into a bedroom does require work. A bedroom needs safety checks, insulation and ventilation to be usable, but the conversion can be a real boost to your home. Once you’ve converted your garage into a living space, it can be used for other things when it no longer needs to be used as a bedroom.

A Caravan

Lots of households already have a caravan parked on their drive. They’re fantastic for planning cost-effective holidays and a whole culture and group of friends usually comes as part of the package. But what happens when you’re not on holiday? That beautiful caravan is left unused, with all those creature comforts going to waste.

For a temporary guest bedroom, using a caravan as a bedroom can solve all your problems! It’s already set up with a comfy bed, so you may as well put your friends and family up in it, instead of sending them down the road to a hotel. It’s a great way to really get your money’s worth!

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