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Luxury garden room

Why Garden Lodges are the Perfect Hideaway

Having your own space to do what you want with is a luxury. It’s the reason garden lodges have become much more popular in recent years, and man caves, reading nooks and craft rooms have entered our vocabulary. There is something so very indulgent in shutting out the rest of the world and enjoying your own company.

Research suggests that setting time aside to be alone and do what you enjoy can do wonders for your well-being. Modern life is exhausting. Since anyone can be reached anywhere, people are expected to be in constant contact – which is no good for a person’s mental health. Spending uninterrupted time on your favourite activities is a wonderful way to unwind.

Why Garden Lodges are the Perfect Hideaway

This list will explore why garden lodges are the perfect place for solitude. 

Garden Lodges Can be Whatever You Want Them To Be

Garden lodges are really versatile, so you can have one built and use it for lots of different things. Want an outdoor yoga studio? No problem. Also need it to turn into a sitting room? That’s fine too!

garden lodges - sitting room

With an outdoor room, you’ll never be restricted because it can be whatever you want it to be. The best way to keep it versatile, is to keep it clutter free – that way, if you need to move things around or add equipment, there’ll be plenty of room to keep it multi-purpose.

So if you need some space to do your painting alone, but need a TV room to veg out in on those extra demanding days, there’s plenty of room for both.

It’s Cheaper than Moving House

Once you have your heart set on a relaxation room of your own, realising your dream has the potential to be costly. Moving to a bigger house in order to gain that extra room is likely to wipe out your funds (if you can afford to do it at all!), but building a garden room will save you a lot of cash and stress. 

Having a garden room built to your specifications is cheaper than moving house, and is more likely to meet your needs. A garden lodge is also likely to give you much more space than occupying a spare room would. Another bonus is that your individual needs will be met because the lodge has been made especially for you.

Relaxing garden lodges

People are Less Likely to Disturb You

A huge perk of having a garden hideaway is that it’s much more difficult to disturb you. If you’re trying to relax alone inside the house, people are more likely to pop their head round the door. These micro interruptions can increase your stress levels while you’re trying to reduce them.

By moving yourself to another building (even one close by), it creates a physical barrier for anyone who might casually disturb you. If someone really needs to speak to you, they’ll make the journey down the garden, but if it was never important, they won’t make the effort and you’ll be saved from interruptions!

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