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4 Great Ideas for Decorating Garden Log Cabins

Garden log cabins can be an exciting way to embark on a creative interior design adventure. There are thousands of possible ways to style your log cabin, but this can be a little overwhelming when trying to decide on a theme.

The trick is to remember to keep it simple.

A new log cabin will be a blank canvas, perfect for making your mark. However it can be easy to get caught up in adding to the decor in dribs and drabs, and before you know it, you’re left with a collection of trinkets that don’t go together.

Have your vision in mind from the start, and you can easily make your new garden cabin the space you dream of.

Here are four great ideas for decorating garden log cabins

Whether you prefer the traditional pared back wood-look, or a modern minimalist finish, these suggestions are bound to spark your creativity.

1. The Cosy Cabin

To get the cosy look, you need to concentrate on textiles. A shaggy faux fur rug, a chunky knit throw, perhaps a fabric cuddle chair are fabulous mix and match possibilities.

For a cosy garden log cabin, the lighting must be just right. Choose lighting that’s too harsh, and watch your cosy dream disappear. Lighting that’s too dim can cause frustration too, especially if you’re trying to relax with a book.

Pick delicate lighting with a yellow hue, to give the illusion of warmth and add to the comfy vibe. Consider a styled Edison bulb, or a selection of lamps and fairy lights to make your garden room look welcoming.

2. The Cabin of Tranquillity

It has been proven that humans find that the colour green is the most relaxing colour to be around.

This might be because green is the colour of leaves and nature, or because green is a neutral colour found in the middle of the visible spectrum… There are plenty of theories about why, but the fact is, people associate green with tranquillity, peace and serenity.

Pick shades of green for your walls or furnishings to help you feel relaxed in your garden log cabin.

Not a big fan of green? Not a problem! Any green hues will do, so try a teal or greenish turquoise to incorporate the colour into your decor. Failing that, buy some leafy indoor plants!

3. The Wooden Workspace

If you plan on using your garden log cabin to get stuff done, then try a simple, back-to-basics interior. Take joy in the exposed wood and avoid distractions with basic, rustic furniture.

Garden log cabins are the perfect place to clear your head and get to work. Whether you have a craft project to finish, or you’re just dying to get that first chapter of your novel down on paper, never underestimate how inspiring natural, rustic surroundings can be.

Treat your new space like a log cabin office; go out to ‘work’, away from the distractions of the house, and thrive on the productivity it inspires.

4. The Colour Explosion

four ideas for garden log cabins - using a pop of colour!

Even small garden log cabins can have big personalities, you just need to know how to unleash them.

Colour can be fun, it can cheer you up when you surround yourself with bright shades and vibrant patterns. Colour pops can be your sunshine on a rainy day.

With colourful rooms now adorning the pages of interiors publications where magnolia walls once dominated, you will find plenty of inspiration for creating a vibrant space.

If you don’t feel ready to paint your walls in exuberant shades, instead introduce some colour when you choose the furniture. A brightly coloured granny square throw can add that much needed pop, as can bright lampshades, paintings or bunting.

If you’re experimenting with colour for the first time, you can gradually introduce it a piece at a time, that way you’ll find it easy to avoid overkill. A pop of colour can show off your playful side and make your garden cabin unique to you.

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