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Garden Office Heating

Garden Office Heating Options – Something for Every Budget

Garden office heating options can be difficult to navigate. Keeping warm in the colder months is a non-negotiable. After all – your productivity will go down if you get frostbite in your fingers. 

It’s essential to work at a comfortable temperature. In fact, there is a suggested minimum workplace temperature of 16°C for jobs that don’t involve rigorous physical activity. Just because you’re at home with no one to check, doesn’t mean the guidance should be overlooked.

Luckily there are a few options when it comes to heating your garden office. If your garden room didn’t have an in-built heating system, or it’s not working for any reason, you’ll need to sort a freestanding heating option instead.

Some heating solutions are more expensive than others, and some have a higher outlay for a lower cost to run. It’s best to weigh up all your options and pick something that suits your budget and your needs. 

Garden Office Heating Options

When it comes to garden office heating options, it’s best to put your needs first, with budget restrictions a close second. There’s little point in favouring a cheap option that doesn’t do a sufficient job. Buying a heater for your office can usually be treated as a business expense, so it might not work out quite as expensive in the long run as the price tag suggests.

This guide is designed to find a solution for every budget so you’re bound to find a suitable solution for your garden office.

Garden Office Heating Options

A fan heater is the cheaper garden office heating solution

You can pick up a fan heater for under £20 – you don’t even really need to shop around that much. A very basic fan heater sits around the £16 mark, while a slightly more elite model is likely to cost up to £25. 

These heaters are portable, compact and can heat a room quickly (although the warmth tends to be directional). The downsides are that they can be distractingly loud and leave the air very dry. This is big problem for contact lens wearers, but anyone looking at a screen all day is at risk of dry eye, and fan heaters only add to that. 

Overall they’re a cheap solution that can usually picked up in most appliance stores, making them a cheap quick fix.

Halogen heaters aren’t ideal for indoors

Another cheap heating option for heating your garden office is a halogen heater, these are around the £30 mark. Although these heaters are best suited to outdoor areas, some people choose to use them indoors.

Indoor use is best avoided as the heaters themselves get hot, which can be dangerous. They also don’t work well as space-heaters as they only tend to heat a specific area. This means if you’re not sitting close to your heater, you probably won’t feel the warmth.

Oil filled radiators are a great all-rounder

Oil filled radiators are a great solution that ticks all the boxes. They’re almost silent, spread the heat around the room and prove to be a lower chance of being a fire hazard compared to other option. 

The take a long time to cool down, which can be good for energy saving. On the flipside, they can take a while to heat up too, which isn’t ideal if you’re feeling the chill and need to wait for the room to heat up quickly.

The price of a medium sized oil filled radiator sits around the £50 mark.

Whatever you choose to go for, each heating type has pros and cons. It’s probably best to research brands that make your preferred heating choice so that you don’t spend your money on a product with a bad reputation.

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