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Garden Office Ideas: Kit Out Your Workspace, Whatever Your Budget

Articles on garden office ideas can often be way off the mark when it comes to budget. It can seem a bit daunting if you’ve accidentally wandered into the realm of high end tech when you’ve got a low end bank balance.

You can be left equally frustrated if you’re planning on splashing out to impress clients, but only seem to find office suggestions on a shoe string. 

More often than not, most budgets will sit somewhere between the two ends of the spectrum. Despite this, the articles designed to give inspiration seem to miss out this price range altogether!

Garden Office Ideas for Every Budget

garden office ideas for any budget

These garden office ideas should help you find what you want, whatever your budget. You could even mix and match! There’s an ever-growing trend for fledgling business to go high-end on their tech, but used a stripped back budget for their fixtures and fittings.

There really is no right or wrong, only the right fit for your garden office!

High-end hitter

If you want to start out with the best of the best, plan to spend big. Firstly, design your new garden room from the ground up to ensure it’s bespoke to your needs. Consider how much office space you’ll need, how much furniture you’ll want and if you’ll be meeting with clients in there. There is no need to settle for a small cabin if you’ve got the space and budget for a large garden office.

Think carefully about the furniture. If plan on hosting client meetings and want to wow them from the moment they walk in, try and go for something a little different. Most offices go for generic-looking, functional furniture, so why not stand out from the crowd? Add colour where you can and if you’re after for something really special, you could pay for a bespoke design service.

When it comes to tech, Apple products seem to be a modern favourite, but they do come with a heftier price tag. An iMac Pro will set you back a few thousand pounds, but it might be worth it you want a slick machine that helps propel you ideas into the big earners you want them to be.

garden office ideas for any budget

Mid-range modern

When you want reliable products that get the job done, but wouldn’t get the full use out of top-of-the-range, expect to pay a moderate amount. 

These garden offices aren’t overstated or flamboyant, but they don’t skimp either. Office chairs should be comfortable and a few notches above basic. Anything labelled as ‘executive’ that can be bought from a wholesalers will look smart and feel comfy – even at the end of a long day!

If your tech needs are mostly writing and accounting-centric, a top-end everyday PC should do the trick, and will probably come in at under a thousand pounds if you can spot a good deal. There is no need to go for an all-singing-all-dancing PC if you’re paying for creative features that you’ll never use.

Low-budget business start-up

If keeping costs low are the biggest factor for this garden office idea, then being inventive is key. 

There are two ways of going about getting cheap furnishings for your office. You can either buy second hand/accept donations, or you can make the most of your lack of liquidity and treat it as a deliberate style concept. If you choose the latter, think carefully about whether or not this fits with your line of business.

Need extra space for a home office building

If you specialise in marketing, you’ll probably be able to pull of a ‘trendy’ rustic look, but if you’re an accountant, you might not give off the right impression if you’re forcing your customers to sit on bean bags or re-purposed beer barrels.

Tech can be surprisingly cheap if you know where to look. If your needs are basic, consider getting a reconditioned PC from reputable sellers on Amazon or eBay. This can be a little risky, so do some thorough research (or only use a company that has come with a personal recommendation).

All of these garden office ideas are bound to have got you thinking, now all you need to do is work out your budget before you shop!

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