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use your summerhouse in winter

Five benefits of having a garden office in the winter

Winter might not be the classic time to spend time in a garden building, but a summerhouse doesn’t just have to be for summer! With insulated garden rooms being year-round spaces, it might surprise you to learn that a garden room can really come into its own in the winter.

Here are five benefits to having a garden office in the winter

You don’t have to heat a whole house

You might worry about getting a bit chilly out there in your garden office, but our garden rooms are fully insulated and will keep the heat in whatever the time of year. Working from an insulated garden room instead of a room in your house means you don’t have to put the heating on for a whole house in order to keep warm when working from home. This will save you money as well as being more environmentally friendly – and you’ll stay warmer!

It’s a distraction-free zone

In the summer, working from the garden might come with a backdrop of people mowing their lawns, kids playing, or music blaring from other houses through their open windows. When working from a garden room in the winter, it’s typical that people will spend more time inside – so there will be fewer noisy distractions when you’re trying to work. Also, as partners, kids and housemates are more likely to spend time at home and inside, a place to escape from that environment might become very welcome!

You can enjoy the garden all year long

Five benefits of having a garden office in the winter

Spending time surrounded by plants and nature is good for your soul, but a lot of us don’t spend any time in our gardens during the colder months only coming back to it when spring is in the air. Having an office in your garden means that you can spend part of every day appreciating your outdoor space, and the nature which is all around no matter what time of year it is. Make sure you put up food for the birds so that they will continue to visit your garden and bring joy through the winter.

It’s a good place to make resolutions stick

I don’t know about you, but I love to snack when working from home. It’s my downfall! Working in a place which is more than a few steps from the kitchen can help you to find that resolve which you’ve been searching for. Setting strict breaks during which to access the main house can help you to develop healthier working from home habits. You could even take a yoga mat or some weights into your garden room, and exercise in private.

You can get festive!

No one can tell you what to do in your space – so if you and your partner or housemates don’t necessarily agree on when Christmas should start, it doesn’t matter; if you want Christmas to arrive in November then make it so!

Give your garden office a twinkly winter makeover with fairy lights to bring you festive cheer, put up your tree and play Christmas music whenever you like! An external garden office is a great place to wrap and hide Christmas presents away from prying eyes.

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