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Can I Still Work In My Garden Office In The Winter

Can I Still Work In My Garden Office In The Winter?

Installing a garden room as a home office has many benefits including giving you a dedicated space for work, keeping work life and home life separate and having the quiet atmosphere you need in order to concentrate but one of the main questions we get asked here at Modern Garden Rooms is “can I still work in it in the winter”. The short answer is yes you can still work in your garden office in the winter but if you’d like a little more information on why, just read on…

Fully Insulated

All of our modern garden rooms come fully insulated as standard. The walls are constructed from 18mm timber cladding, 25mmx35 tanalized timber to create air circulation space, a waterproof membrane, 4”x2” c16 structural timber containing acoustic insulation, Celotex rigid insulation and plasterboard and plaster skim coat plus, on top of this, the roof system is also insulated giving your building the perfect combination to allow you to use it all year round.

Outer Walls

We use a cedar wooden cladding on the exterior of the walls which is known for its insulation and weatherproofing properties. This is also a strong, hardy wood which will stand the test of time and need very little maintenance.


Each of our Modern Garden Rooms come with a professionally installed damp proof base that will help to conserve heat during the winter months.

Double Glazed Windows And Doors

All windows and doors are double glazed which will help to keep your garden room draft free and warm during the colder winter months.

Can I Still Work In My Garden Office In The Winter


Your office garden room will also come with a 1.5kw heater with each package and more can easily be added if required at the time or by yourself at a later date. With electrical points across your room you will also be able to plug in any additional heaters you may need.


All rooms come with oak-laminate flooring due to its hard wearing and stable properties; included is a 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee covering finish and wear. The floor is fitted perfectly in order to prevent any gaps which may let in damp or drafts. Laminate can make a room feel very warm underfoot as it doesn’t allow the warm air to escape. A good underlay can also make a huge difference too. If you are after something a bit tougher, engineered wood flooring is a slightly pricier upgrade.


If you have extras installed such a kitchen and toilet facilities you will be able to stay in your warm, toasty garden room for the entire day without having to take the chilly walk back down the garden to your house. A kitchen will also allow you to make hot drinks and warm lunches which are ideal during the winter months.

Interior Touches

And lastly, your garden room will feel warm and cosy in the winter if you add touches such as thick piled rugs, throws, large cushions and a sofa or oversized chair. You may be using it for work purposes but this doesn’t mean that it needs to feel clinical. By filling your room with items like these, you will be able to take breaks in comfort, move around with your laptop and work from different areas whilst forgetting how cold the weather has become outside.

We want you to be able to invest in a garden room that can most definitely be used all year round, including in the coldest winter months which is why we strive to provide you with the ideal build for your home office.

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