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must have tech for your garden office pod

Must-Have Tech for Your Garden Office Pod

When your garden office pod is finally finished, all that’s left to do is kit it out with the latest must-haves for an office in your home.

Keeping up-to-date with occupation-relevant technology can be a minefield. When you’re looking to spend a lot of money on items that are essential to the professionalism of your business, you need to be sure you’re not being dazzled by flash-looking products that aren’t user friendly.

Must-Have Tech for Your Garden Office Pod

The five items on the list below are what work-at-home business users swear by for their home office (or garden office pod!)

Tech for your garden office pod - what have you forgotten?

Start with the right hardware

The most important thing is to make sure your computer meets your business needs – without wildly exceeding them.

There’s no point in blowing you budget on a souped-up computer that’s aimed at graphic designers, when all you’re planning on using it for is accounting software and sending the odd email.

Likewise, if you need something with a fast processor and a large amount of memory, it’s foolish to go for something from the budget range that will ultimately leave you frustrated.

Ask others within your field what they think is best and do your own research before you commit. Even if you only need to use basic computing functions, it’s best to steer clear of the very lowest priced tech.

Invest in the best software (but only if you need it)

Once you’ve decided what computing equipment your garden office pod needs, it’s time to get the right software. Microsoft Office Suite tends to be universally used in both business to business communication as well as business to customer.

If your clients regularly use any of the software within the Microsoft Office Suite, it pays to subscribe. However, if your business does not require the use of Office products, Google Docs should suffice for written documents, and Google Sheets is great for spreadsheets. These are both free and accessible from any device so that you can have all your documents with you on the go.

Go for an Amazon Echo

An Amazon Echo is more than just a fun gadget you can check the weather on. If you’re wanting to bring your home office into present day, an Amazon Echo will help your business keep up with the Goliaths of the business world.

Treat your Amazon Echo as an AI assistant by linking your calendar and keeping track of appointments and deadlines. It can even create to-do lists, and, if you kit out your garden office pod with Philips Hue lights, it can turn them on and off remotely with just a command.

Get an HD Webcam

If most of your client meetings are over Skype, then don’t accept that the standard webcam that comes with your computer will be sufficient – you probably need to upgrade. Why let your clients see you looking fuzzy round the edges when they can see you in all your dazzling HD glory?

Lots of business blogs recommend Logitech HD webcams for both their picture quality and price. Expect to spend around £50 for a good one.

 webcam for the garden office pod

Buy a WiFi Extender

There’s nothing more frustrating than having iffy WiFi, and when it comes to running a business, bad WiFi is a deal-breaker.

Although in some cases your garden office pod may pick up your home’s WiFi signal just fine, if your garden is long or there are obstacles like trees between your home router and your office then a WiFi extender will be necessary to give your broadband a boost.

And a new doorbell!

A new, wireless doorbell which activates in your office as well as inside the house will be a necessity because you’ll want to know if you have clients or deliveries coming to the house!

Additionally, home CCTV units can be easily set up to monitor what’s going on at the front of the house so you don’t waste time answering the door to salesmen (or well-meaning relatives perhaps?!) when you could be working.

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