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6 Ways To Make Your Garden Office Room Feel Bright and Airy

One of the biggest pros of having a garden office room is the natural light it allows in but once you begin to add furniture, gym equipment, decor and paint the walls this can immediately alter the whole ambience of this space so how can you continue to make your garden room feel bright and airy without doing too much? Let’s explore…

Neutral Colour Schemes

It may feel like an obvious statement but light, bright and neutral shades will help to open up any living space and give the illusion of more space. As the natural light bounces off these light-coloured walls, you will find that the garden room will feel truly fresh and airy. Dark colours can work well if you choose a single feature wall but if you go all in, you will soon find that the room will feel dark and far smaller than it actually is.


Instead of opting for heavy curtains or blinds, choose almost sheer, white or cream drapes for your doors and windows. These will immediately give that light and airy feel by tying in with your light walls. Another way they can look amazing is when a window is opened and a fresh spring breeze comes in and gently blows the drapes around creating a dreamy almost romantic atmosphere.


Place lamps in the darkest areas of your garden office room to really maximise on the light. You don’t want anything large and imposing so make sure you look for small wall lights, delicate standing lamps or perhaps even sensor lights that will come on as the room becomes darker.


Mirrors are such a simple way of making a room feel light and airy. They help to reflect the natural light coming in plus they provide an optical illusion making your brain feel as though the space is far larger than it actually is. If you are looking for the most budget-friendly way of opening a room up, invest in a couple of mirrors.


Keep your decor to just what you need. This way you will have a functional yet light room that will never overwhelm you.

Add Plants

Plants can be hugely beneficial in any living space and by carefully choosing air-purifying varieties you will not only be creating some pretty focal points but also improving the air quality within your garden office room too. Consider adding a Spider Plant, Aloe Vera, Peace Lily, Boston Fern or Snake Plant.

Have you any other tips for making your garden office room feel bright and airy? Let us know.

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