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Creating a Garden That's Perfect For Entertaining Your Guests

Five wonderful garden party ideas for your next outdoor birthday bash

There are a lot of benefits to holding parties outside. Garden parties are a great way to celebrate something like a birthday or anniversary without having to give guests access to your indoor space and risking your furniture or belongings; for many people the outside of their house is actually bigger than the indoor space, and staying outside may make people feel safer from COVID-19. It’s most certainly cheaper than renting out a venue and can be as formal, or informal, as you want to make it.

Read on to discover some garden party ideas for throw the best outdoor party for your guests.

Cocktail party

Setting up a bar in your garden is one of the best garden party ideas. It’s a fantastic idea if you’re hosting parties in the summer with your friends. You could stick to a daytime cocktail party or even start the day with lawn games and begin making cocktails in the evening.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could combine the two and start playing Jenga and Twister while drinking your cocktails.

Firework displays

One for the autumn months; you may have never hosted your own firework display before, but it’s entirely manageable as long as you have adequate space and you understand the laws and safety advice. It’s also simple to buy high-quality and safe fireworks online.

By hosting a firework display, you can wow your friends and family with their own unique fireworks experience, which will certainly be a memorable event. Just make sure to warn your neighbours about the noise and avoid setting off any fireworks past 11 pm.

Five wonderful garden party ideas for your next outdoor birthday bash

Lawn games

Inviting your friends over for a few games in your garden can be a lot of fun. Of course, you could play any games you’d like, including board games or drinking games, but lawn games are a perfect fit for a garden party.

These include croquet, giant Jenga, hoopla and many more. Classic party games like Twister are also very popular and can be played in your garden.


Rather than going to the countryside or to a public park, you can host your own picnic party right in your garden. This is especially enjoyable in the spring and summer when the weather starts to improve, but make sure to always place lots of blankets on the grass to prevent anyone from getting muddy clothes if it’s rained recently.

You could keep it simple with sandwiches and snacks or show off your culinary skills by preparing pies, cakes or scones. 


Gathering around a fire pit in the evening and having a laugh while roasting some marshmallows is one of the best garden party ideas if the weather isn’t that great; and it’s a good way to wind down after a day of playing games in the garden. If you have a particularly large garden, you could even have a bonfire to keep your guests warm in the evening, and this would certainly be an impressive sight.

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