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Get The Most From Your Outdoor Area With A Garden Pavilion

Making the most of our outdoor space is essential, especially for modern homes which seem to be built with very small gardens these days. It’s a shame that we no longer see a large garden as a big selling point and that we often have to make do or compromise on this side as it can really limit what you can do with what you have. In this case, a lot of people will overlook popular garden choices such as a pond, a water feature, a play area, tall planters or even something much larger like a garden pavilion but these can work actually work in all sized gardens, it’s just a case of planning and utilising your space. 

So, how can a garden pavilion improve your outdoor space?

The beauty of choosing a garden pavilion is that they are available in a large variety of styles and sizes. You may already be reading this and imagining that I am talking about a large construction in a park where a band plays and even though that is one style you can get other sizes and designs based around this look. 

The theme of your garden can really play into which pavilion you opt for. One look that immediately springs to mind is a Japanese garden with a beautiful wooden pavilion painted in red, black and golds. That stunning curved roof, pretty swirls and images will all bring your garden together and make a striking focal point. Imagine this surrounded by a water feature with plants such as maples, styrax, ferns, blossom trees and Japanese forest grass and you will have the most tranquil garden in your street.

If you want a garden pavilion that will provide you with a little more protection from the elements, you could choose a design that has sides around it. This would be ideal if you enjoy sitting out in your garden with a cup of tea, if you enjoy being in your garden in all weathers and if you either have a very sunny garden or a very windy one. This building would provide you either with some shade from the sun or a little rest bite from the elements. It would be perfect for the quaint, elegant garden. One with pretty flowers, a nice decked area surrounding it and placed in a corner of the garden that will allow you to sit and look back over that beauty. 

A gazebo style is your more basic garden pavilion but is ideal if you want to improve your lounging area. This will provide some shade over your outdoor seating, it will protect you from the rain and will allow your barbecue, party or family get together to continue regardless of the unpredictable British weather. By adding solar light or lanterns to the beams, you will be able to create a stunning lounging or dining area that can even be enjoyed at night. 

Garden pavilion

One very recognisable garden pavilion is, of course, the summer house.

This is much more substantial and will provide you with a whole new room for your home. With windows and doors, it is ideal for hobbies, for entertaining a guest and for enjoying your garden all year round. It is also a space that you can decorate, fill with beautiful items and furnishings and even decorate. By also painting the outside, you can create an interesting focus for your garden that would happily sit in a corner or at a far end so that it catches your attention when you look out from your house. Perfect to complete that country cottage, English Rose garden look. 

If you want to go for something far larger and have a decent-sized budget, you could go all out and choose a garden cabin. This is a fantastic way of gaining that much-needed space when your home is already spilling over with belongings. A cabin could become a hobby room, an office, an art studio, a games room or a room to just chill out in with your family. Now, you may think that this would be overbearing for most gardens but when built from solid wood, when they have a pretty decked area, a choice of windows and doors and are available in a variety of styles and sizes, you will be able to find something to suit every garden. And of course, you can add a variety of pots and planters, hanging baskets, window boxes as well as surrounding it with large plants, bushes or trees that will tie your garden in with your new build. 

A garden pavilion can work in so many ways and can bring any garden to life, big or small. They will not only add an interesting feature, they are also very functional and a useful touch in a modern-day garden. 

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