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add value to your home with a garden room

How And Why Does A Garden Room Add Value To Your Home?

Garden rooms are rapidly growing in popularity due to working from home, the luxury of being able to work out from home, gaining more space for hobbies and so on, but are you aware that they can also benefit your home financially? Yes, garden rooms add value to your home no matter what style, size or design and here are a few reasons on how and why this is the case…

The Wow Factor

Let’s start with the aesthetics. A garden room really does bring the wow factor to a home and when a potential buyer is searching for a new home online, this garden building will quickly draw in the attention you desire. It will encourage the clicks, it will spark imagination and it will bring that element of excitement. A garden room can be used in so many different ways which makes it a completely versatile part of your home and no matter how you have it set up, a new owner could easily adapt this to their own needs.

Increased Floor Space

When buyers are on the lookout for a new home, floor space is one of the main areas they tend to focus on. We all want enough space for our family, hobby, exercise, play etc. and a garden room provides this additional floor space. Home extensions are a great way of achieving this but these need planning permission, plans to be agreed and can be very disruptive to everyday life. A garden room can be built far quicker with less impact on your family and this is a huge appeal when you are trying to sell and add value to your home.

Ready-Made Home Office

If a potential buyer works from home then a garden room is going to be a big bonus for them. The benefits of an office in the garden include keeping work and home separate, having a quiet place to take calls, being able to focus without the housework dwelling on your mind, no interruptions and being able to store all of your office equipment easily and efficiently. Even if you don’t currently use your garden room as an office, this can still be “sold” as an office space by the Estate Agent because once it is cleared, it becomes a blank canvas.

add value to your home with a garden room

Ready-Made Fitness Studio

For those who love to workout from home rather than at a gym, will know the difficulties this can bring when space is lacking, when equipment doesn’t quite fit and when other family members want to use the same room. A garden room can make the perfect fitness studio whether you use large weights, dance, pole, do yoga or want to invest in the full gym equipment kit. The space can be advertised for a variety of uses and a fitness studio should most definitely be included on the prospectus.

Home Entertainment

Just as we have mentioned above, the garden room can be anything a new owner needs it to be. The idea of being able to transform this into a place for entertaining guests, for family cinema nights, for fine dining are all big draws when looking for a new home. Being home has become the new normal for all of us during the covid pandemic but this may look set to stay as people begin to enjoy their home comforts and saving money by doing everything they enjoy at home instead of being out. This will certainly bring in the views and will help to add more value to your home.

Garden Enjoyment

When buyers are looking for their perfect home, they often want to see most of the work having already been carried out and it can be so common for the garden to be overlooked and left looking a bit drab and lacking inspiration. By providing a completed outdoor space you will be bringing a new angle to the market and interest will be much higher.

In fact, it has been estimated that a garden can add up to 20% to the overall value of your home, which makes choosing to build a garden room in your outdoor space a great investment!

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