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Considering a Garden Room Bedroom? Your Questions Answered

Building a garden room bedroom can be an easy solution for expanding your home. When your house needs the benefits of an extra bedroom but there’s no space to extend, a garden bedroom is a great option.

While extending your property can mean quite a lot of upheaval, building a garden room creates very little disruption in comparison. The garden room can be built outside, while your house remains untouched. This is especially handy if your home has a busy family life to navigate.

Garden rooms have been rapidly growing in popularity for years, so it makes sense that garden bedrooms are now a hot topic. With house prices rising, it might work out considerably cheaper to gain an extra bedroom in the garden instead of buying a house with more rooms.

Garden Room Bedroom – What You Need to Know

Adding a bedroom to your property is a big decision, so it’s important to do your research before taking the plunge. Below are some commonly asked questions surrounding having a bedroom in your garden. While this is a great at-a-glance guide, it’s always best to look into everything in a little more depth before you go ahead. 

Can garden rooms be used as a bedroom?

You can use a garden room as an extra bedroom, providing you have planning permission and complies with building regulations. Because the room will be separate to the main house, it is likely you’ll need to install a toilet, a sink and maybe even a shower to accompany the bedroom. 

Do you need planning permission for a garden room bedroom?

While most garden rooms don’t require planning permission, a garden living space does. It’s likely that a garden room bedroom will be viewed as a living space if it is being slept in and has running water. The safest thing to do is check with your own council for a definitive answer.

Can a garden bedroom have other uses?

If the reason you’re considering building a garden bedroom is to add a guest room that will have infrequent use, then that’s fine too. Chances are, you won’t want the room to go to waste when it’s not occupied, so why not give it a dual purpose. Sofa beds that fold out into a comfy double bed are easy to come by. The garden room could be used as an extra TV room when you don’t have desks. Picking a neutral bedroom décor design means it won’t look too much like a bedroom when the bed is folded away and the sofa is in use.

How long does a garden bedroom take to build?

There are several stages that go into building a garden room. The first being a general chat about what you’re hoping for. Then the garden room needs to be designed, the final project needs to be agreed, and in some cases planning permission must be granted. Once all the preliminary work is sorted, the building of the garden room can take 1-3 weeks. 

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