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4 Ways To Style Your Garden Room This Christmas

4 Ways To Style Your Garden Room This Christmas

It’s December and that can only mean one thing – the countdown to Christmas is here!! Here at Modern Garden Rooms, we get a tad excited about this festive season mostly because it makes us think of all of those customers having a cosy winter evening snuggled up in the Garden Room or family over for a large meal or reading a romance novel whilst every now and then glancing up across the garden… So many possibilities. And another possibility for this room is styling it out for Christmas and we have 4 amazing ways this could be done:

Your Garden Room Could Become A Christmas Movie Theatre

What better way to get into the Christmas spirit than to take in all of the best festive films in the run up to the big day? A garden room can make a great home cinema. All you require is a projector and either a plain white wall, screen or even just a white bed sheet hung up. You could decorate your garden room with your usual Christmas decs, add fairy lights around the doors and windows and pop a small tree in the corner. With the addition of large cushions and red tartan throws all that would be left to do is to make the popcorn!

It’s The Perfect Place For A Santa’s Grotto

A really festive way to bring some Christmas cheer to your street would be to host your very own Santa’s Grotto in your back garden. With this idea, you can really go all out with decorations, lights, music, perhaps a light projector and large ornamental decs such as reindeer sitting on your lawn. Inside you could add some snow effect material to the walls, snowballs and possibly even a snow machine. Then all you need is a willing Santa and elves to bring the Christmas magic to life.

4 Ways To Style Your Garden Room This Christmas

Create Some Log Cabin Chic

If Christmas for you needs to be a little more toned down and chilled then why not style your garden room as a chic log cabin to which you can retreat at the end of a long hard day at work? Think dreamy lighting, large covers and cushions, a reading nook, a roaring (electric) log fire, calm Christmas music and a hot chocolate station.

Use it as a Christmas Dinner Room

A Garden Room can make a wonderful setting in which to entertain friends and family and what better way to celebrate the day itself than to have a Christmas dinner for all of those special people in your life? Add a large dining table, a Christmas tree, music, decorations, lights, space for dancing, a bar and your Christmas crackers and you will be set up for the most perfect day.

Which way would you choose to style your Garden Room this Christmas?

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