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How Can A Garden Room Grow With You and Your Family?

A garden room is a big investment for your home but here at Modern Garden Rooms, we know that this investment will be well worth your while. You see, a garden room isn’t just for a few years, it is a room that will grow with you as your family does and it is a building that will bring you joy for decades to come.

Initial Use

Everybody purchases a garden room for an initial use. That could be a home office, a potting room, a chill out room or for entertainment purposes. This use may last you several years but it doesn’t have to stick. Perhaps you currently live alone and need some office space right now? In a few years, your job may have changed as may have your family situation. Your once home office will develop and change just as your needs do. Don’t think that this room has to be forever be used for its very first purpose.

Growing Up… Or Maybe Down?

Depending on where life takes you, your garden room could well change in several ways. If you originally had it as a home gym but now a promotion has come along and you need that professional work space, this room could now be transformed into the office of your dreams. Or perhaps some little people have now come into your life and you have to sacrifice your hobby space for a playroom? Your garden room could make the perfect place for arts and crafts, toys, play equipment or homeschooling activities. Whichever way your journey takes you, this little garden building can be adapted to meet everybody’s needs.

garden room family

Sectioning Your Garden Room For Your Family To Use

If you opt for a good-sized garden room, this room can grow with you and your family in a different way; by sectioning it off. By taking areas and making them into dedicated spaces for each person, you will be able to keep your office and still have a place for your children to play, or you can have a reading nook and still work out in the other end of the room, or you could have a teenagers den with a TV and large beanbags and still get your little spot for potting up your plants. Whatever you all enjoy your garden room can be sectioned using stud walls, curtains or screens to provide a little privacy and to give boundaries.

Changing Themes

Just as you change your home decor and overall themes, you can also do this with your garden room. Your tastes will naturally change over the years as will seasonal trends and as this occurs you can easily allow your garden room to grow with you by redecorating it, bringing in new furniture and soft furnishings and finding some finishing touches that will tie it all together. This is an extension of your home and should be treated like that.

Changing Lifestyle

We all know that as we age our lifestyles tend to change. A Saturday night may have once meant dancing, drinking, clubbing and staying out until the early hours but it may well now mean a quiet night in with friends. Your garden room can be adapted to reflect this change in lifestyle and can bring you many nights of joy right there in your back garden. Think garden bar, restaurant-style design, garden oven/kitchen area, pretty fairy lights and music and you will be left wondering why you’d ever gone previously gone out!

Slowing Down

And as life begins to change again and the tempo slows, your garden room can alter once again and become your reading room, your gardening room, a hobby room, a meditation room away from the bustle of the house. It grows with you, it adapts with you and it slows with you. Having a garden room can give you all you and your family need throughout a lifetime and it will hold those memories as much as you do.

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