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Garden Room Furniture Ideas

Garden Room Furniture Ideas For Hidden Storage

If you’re looking for garden room furniture ideas, hidden storage is the way to go. Hidden storage gives rooms an extra function. It means clutter can be kept out of sight but the room itself doesn’t only serve one purpose.

Whatever you choose to use your garden room for, there are hidden storage options for many types of furniture. The most common uses are offices, sitting rooms, and bedrooms, which all lend themselves well to concealed storage.

Hidden storage garden room furniture ideas

This list of garden room furniture ideas will help you get the most out of the space, whatever you use it for.

Garden room furniture ideas for outdoor sitting rooms

Outdoor sitting rooms are on of the most common uses for garden rooms. It’s important to ensure the room retains a relaxing energy, meaning concealed storage is a must. Most people use their garden sitting rooms for entertaining, so how the furniture looks will need to be taken into consideration. Most modern hidden storage furniture is designed with style in mind. If you can’t instantly tell it’s hidden storage furniture, then it’s well-made and worthy of your garden room.

Garden Room Furniture Ideas

These furniture ideas are ideal for sitting rooms:

  • Hidden storage sofa – you need somewhere to sit, so why not utilise the base of your sofa by filling it with items you want to keep out of sight. A hidden storage sofa has a hollow base to keep things in. Access is gained by lifting the seat.
  • Secret storage footstool – If you don’t need much space to keep some clutter out of sight, a footstool is a great option. It looks like a regular footstool, but if you lift the lid, you’ll find a hollow centre, waiting to be filled.
  • Window seat storage – depending on the size of your garden room, you may have space to set up a window seat that looks out onto the garden. Window seats are traditionally quite boxy, with a padded cushion on top. If you choose a window seat designed for storage, no one will notice anything out of the ordinary when observing its shape.

Hidden storage for outdoor offices

When you work from a garden office, there’s a possibility you may have to host some client meetings. This means your office needs to look neat and tidy, with all clutter out of site. Most office set-ups will require some equipment, which can look like clutter if not stored out of sight.

Below are some neat storage solutions for your garden office:

  • Hidden storage desk – while most office workers will find desk drawers sufficient, some workers need that extra level of storage. Some desks come with a removable top, giving a concealed layer for important documents.
  • Hidden storage chair – if you often host clients in your garden office, it’s likely you’ll need somewhere for them to sit. You could use a concealed storage chair for clients. These chairs come in many different designs. For example, if you choose an armchair-style seat, the chair arms and seat base will lift up for storage. A dining chair-style seat has a drum for storage in the main seat part. Remember not to store anything too heavy in a chair your client might be tempted to move for comfort!

Garden bedroom storage ideas

Garden bedrooms are often only used occasionally, and as a secondary function. This means, a bed is not always set up, and instead, a sofa bed is used. Standard storage beds are quite common, but storage sofa beds do exist alongside other versatile options.

  • Storage sofa bed – these often function as single beds in bed mode, and comfy sofas the rest of the time. The seat lifts up to expose an empty area to fill. When the item is needed as a bed, the back of the sofa folds down and the arm rests become the head and foot of the bed. 
  • Storage mirror – this provides the best of both worlds. These mirrors look great on a wall and because you’re hiding your storage, the room is also kept clutter free.

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