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garden room furniture ideas

Garden Room Furniture Styles for Your Summer House

Garden room furniture has jumped forward in the style stakes. It’s moved on from the basic wicker sets its name conjures up, and can turn your summer house into the most stylish room on your property.

Wow your guests and impress the neighbours with garden room furniture that tells a story. Travelled the world? Let your summer house show it. Adorn the walls with photos of your travels and display classy souvenirs you’ve picked up along the way and choose furniture inspired by your favourite country. No style is off-limits and your summer house is the perfect interior blank canvas.

If travelling isn’t your bag, another style might take your fancy. Be inspired by the interior styles covered in this article and turn your summer house into your new favourite room.

garden room furniture

Garden Room Furniture Style Inspiration

Whether you have elaborate tastes or prefer a pared-back chic look, this list of furniture inspiration is bound to whet your appetite for interior design.

Art Deco Style Garden Room Furniture

Easily identified by its distinct geometric lines and decorative flourishes. First seen in France in the 1920 and adapted over the years across Britain. If your budget doesn’t stretch to original pieces, modern replicas might have a more  wallet-friendly price tag.

Rustic Decor for Your Log Cabin

If you want your summer house to double up as a cosy log cabin for the winter months, a rustic look might suit your room better. A chunky, plush couch with a bare wood coffee table will cement this room in the rustic stakes. Wild flowers are bound to make the room pop, and other than a TV, the room shouldn’t look too modern.

rustic garden room furniture

Monochrome Modern Minimalism

Clean lines and crisp silhouettes are essential for this style. Furniture should be while or black and in no way oversized, surfaces should have a gloss finish and be kept bare. Colour doesn’t belong in this style of interior, so make sure you won’t miss it before you commit.

Contemporary Colours

Mustard and greys are very on trend right now. If you’re looking for a neat style with bright, contrasting accents, a room decorated with contemporary colours will be perfect for you. Try light grey walls and mustard rugs. A grey sofa with mustard cushions of different textures can give a real modern feel with very little effort.

Millennial Summerhouse Chic

A generation with their own iconic style. Think rose gold accessories, faux marble surfaces and a rich pastel pink sofa and chair. Browse Etsy for trendy framed prints from indie artists, and decorate your windowsills with succulents for finishing touches.

garden room furniture ideas

Coastal Comfort

A coastal themed room can be both stylish and relaxing. Kit your garden room out with ‘beachy’ looking furniture, in muted tones with lots of whites. Let it mirror the decor of upscale beach houses up and down the coast. 

Inspired by Nature

If you love greenery, this style will be perfect for you. Choose furniture that’s upholstered with leaf-print design and display as many house plants as you can care for. Bringing the outside in means you can relax surrounded by nature – whatever the weather!

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