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The Best Compact Equipment For a Garden Room Gym

Creating a garden room gym is a fantastic way to make sure that you never have any excuse not to work out. With everything you need just at the end of your garden, and no waiting for somebody else to finish before you can start, you can exercise at whatever time you like. Unless your garden room is the same size as your old membership gym though, you’re unlikely to be able to fit all of the equipment that you’ve become accustomed to in it. This is where a little bit of planning before you deck it out, is crucial for any garden room gym.

Compact Equipment For a Garden Room Gym

Focus on items that allow for multiple exercises and take up little space. If you only have equipment that allows for one exercise, you run the risk of becoming bored, or seeing your gains plateau as your body becomes used to the same old routine. For that reason, try to avoid large, cumbersome items like treadmills and rowing machines that really only offer one workout.

Join the resistance

Resistance bands are fantastic additions to any gym, regardless of size. They’re especially brilliant for garden room gyms though, because they take up barely any space, yet offer a seemingly endless variety of workout opportunities. Not only can they be used on their own in a manner of ways, but they can also be affixed to the wall by using small, special hooks. When attached to a wall, resistance bands instantly become a replacement for a large multi gym.

garden room gym resistance bands

A smart solution for dumbbells

One pair of dumbbells is never going to be enough for anybody who’s serious about their fitness. It’s unlikely that you’d want the same weight for every type of exercise you perform, and you’ll find that any progress quickly levels out once you don’t find the weight a challenge anymore.

The problem with having sufficient variety in weight with your dumbbells, is that they tend to take up a fair bit of space. Even if you buy weight plates separately to adjust the weight on the handles, you’ll soon find those too a little awkward to store. 

If you’re serious about using dumbbells, then the best option by far is to opt for some adjustable dumbbells. They take up barely any floor space, and can actually work out cheaper than buying several sets of separate dumbbells over time. Look out for models that allow for barbell attachments as well to offer even more functionality.

A good old heavy bag is hard to beat

Whilst a heavy bag’s use is fairly limited (it’s only there to punch after all), the workout you receive from just a few minutes on it will stimulate your legs, core, arms, and fast-twitch muscles that are usually ignored. It’s a great all-round exercise that helps to destress, and build your cardiovascular ability.

Heavy bags are a staple of garden room gyms, and for good reason: they’re easy to store. Sure, they can be obtrusive whilst they’re hanging, but once you’ve finished your seshion, you can simply unhook it and store it in a corner. For heavier bags, even the process of hooking and unhooking your bag can become quite the workout.

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