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Want to Get Fit? The Pros of Having a Garden Room Gym

Keeping fit and healthy is at the top of a lot of our minds but finding time to squeeze this into a busy week can often hold us back. Add chilly evenings, lack of funds, difficulties with motivation into the mix and suddenly the gym seems like the last place anyone wants to go out to but you could make one simple change to alter all of this… By adding a garden room. Let’s take a look at the pros of having a garden room gym.

Exercise At Anytime in Your Garden Room Gym

The joy of having a home gym is that you have access to this at any time of day. There are no closing hours, no need for bookings, no mad dash to make it on time. If you wanted to work out in the middle of the night a garden room gym will allow that.

No Membership Fees

The average gym membership fee here in the UK is £40-£50 per month. If you manage to go regularly and get something out of your workouts then this may well be worthwhile to you but if you struggle to find that routine, this is money down the drain. Yes, a garden room will cost you a significant amount upfront but this is a long-term investment and will be used for years and years to come whether that is as a gym at first which later changes to perhaps a home office or possibly doubles up as both?! The uses are endless and the joy you will get from it will be too.

garden room gym

No Travel

Not having to include travel into your gym visit will save you both time and money as well as any hassle along the way. A garden room gym is always just a walk across the lawn away.


Going to a busy gym to work out is not for everybody and this is why a garden room gym can be absolutely priceless. You can feel happy in your own skin here, you won’t have to worry about what you are wearing, who is watching, who is possibly judging, your techniques or your workout choices. Your gym, your rules, your comfort.

Equipment Choices

We all have our own workout preferences and having your own home gym will mean you can fill it with all of your favourite equipment which will be used regularly. Whether you like weights, kettlebells, the treadmill, dance, pole, yoga or boxing you can add whatever takes your fancy and construct a workout programme that works for your body as well as your happiness.

Climate Control

Ever noticed how a gym can get quite chilly? They are generally kept at a lower temperature to aid those who are doing a lot of cardio and building up a sweat but if this isn’t your bag and you find the climate to be a hindrance when attending this can be resolved when installing your home gym. Garden rooms can come with heating and air conditioning within their build packages which will allow you to have full control over the temperature depending on the time of year and the exercise you choose to do.

Outdoor Workout

Because your gym is located in your garden you have additional options for making your workout ideal for you. Firstly you can swing those doors and windows open to allow some fresh air in to help you to feel a little more revived or alternatively, you could take your workout outside if the weather permits. A garden room allows such versatility, it helps to connect you to your exercise and to nature, it gives you a warm, dry place to workout in the winter and a beautiful setting in which to workout in the summer. Something you definitely can’t get in your ordinary gym.

If a garden room gym seems like the ideal solution for you why not get in contact with us today?

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