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garden room ideas from around the world

Garden Room Ideas from Around the World

It’s easy to become overwhelmed with garden room ideas – after all, the decorating possibilities are endless!

If you’re looking for a clear theme, or simple-to-achieve interior inspiration, then you’ve come the right place!

Your outdoor office space (or sitting room) doesn’t need to be drab, just because it’s compact. It’s easy to dress up a small space with on-trend furniture and accessories – you just need to know what trend to follow.

Garden Room Ideas from Around the World

If you’re a little stuck on how to style your garden sitting room or office, then these garden room ideas are exactly what you need.

Inspired by interiors from stylish places around the globe, they are sure to incite your imagination.

Scandinavian Inspired Outdoor Office Chic

Garden Room Ideas from Around the World - Scandinavian Inspired Outdoor Office Chic

Scandinavian interiors are all about minimalism, with a backdrop of light walls and white accessories. Bring the outside in with a leafy green plant to add colour and freshen the air inside your garden room.

Consider minimalist white furniture with black, pine or rose gold accents to add character to the piece. Keeping surfaces clutter-free is a must when considering Scandi-style, so if you’re a little bit of a neat freak, Scandinavian inspired interiors will appeal to you.

To accessorise the room, look for gold or black wire racks, desk tidies and waste paper baskets.

Turkish Inspired Garden Sitting Room

Turkish Inspired Garden Sitting Room - Garden Room Ideas from Around the World

Turkish rugs are a timeless way to add character and style to a room.

These rugs have traditionally been considered the gold standard in flooring – the go-to choice for carpeting palaces. Turkish rugs were good enough for ancient princes, and they’re certainly stylish enough to bring a homey feel and unique patterns to your garden sitting room.

The best way to ensure a Turkish rug is the feature of your outdoor lounge is to pair it with plain furniture to help it stand out so that it’s the first feature to catch the eye as you walk in.

It is also practical, and helping to keep the room looking and feeling warm underfoot!

African Inspired Outdoor Yoga Studio

Garden Room Ideas from Around the World - African Inspired Outdoor Yoga Studio

African decor traditionally features lots of brightly coloured fabrics in sumptuous textures.

You can achieve an African inspired look for your garden room by investing in some bright patchwork throws, and colourful patterned cushions.

These will not only add personality to your outdoor yoga studio, but they’ll also provide somewhere comfy to chill out and relax once your workout is over.

Parisian Inspired Outdoor Sitting Room

Garden Room Ideas from Around the World - Parisian

A favourite when it comes to garden room ideas, Parisian style is chic, fresh and by far the easiest look to achieve.

Parisian inspired rooms need lots of light (which outdoor rooms often have), plain furniture and antique accents to give the room a traditional French feel. 

Add a hint of cubism (a movement pioneered in France) by choosing fabrics that mimic cubist designs. Start with cushion covers and if the room doesn’t look Parisian enough, add a cubist inspired throw, or even a print of a cubist painting.

And then maybe, just maybe a decent bottle of French wine?

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