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timber cabins: Ideas for your Outdoor Playroom

Garden Room Ideas for your Outdoor Playroom

Decorating a playroom is both exciting and daunting. You want to create a space that will foster your children’s imagination, but you need it to be practical as well as fun. Garden room ideas for playrooms are few and far between, but the reality is, summer houses are different to indoor rooms.

Usually your summer house will be a regular square or oblong shape, whereas indoor rooms tend to come in a variety of shapes. This makes it easier to plan for storage solutions and arranging furniture becomes less of a puzzle. 

As well as being a geometric dream, a summer house will usually have French doors and extra windows at the sides, meaning it’ll be bathed in natural light (and quite possibly save on the electricity on dismal days.)

Garden room ideas are fun to think about and exciting to plan once you’ve got an idea to work with.

Garden Room Ideas for your Outdoor Playroom

These garden room ideas will help inspire you to make the most fun playroom yet!

Dolly’s Tea Party Room

Kids who love dolls love to throw tea parties it seems. This time of room should look a little bit like a tiny tearoom, but also have the space for other imaginative play. Pastel walls adorned with cloth bunting would add a realistic touch, as would a child size table and chair set. A small two-seater sofa is ideal for supervising parents to rest on while they watch the kids (if they’ve not been roped into serving tea to plastic customers).

Garden Room Ideas for your Outdoor Playroom - tea party room

This is the perfect place to store a toy kitchen too – a toy that tends to take up a fair amount of room when it’s in use. 

Square shelving with storage boxes provide great storage options. When the tea party is over, you can quickly stuff the dolls, teapots and various other kitchen apparatus tidily out of sight.

A Multipurpose Playroom for the Vehicle Lover

If your kids can’t get enough of pushing palm-sized transport around the house, then they’ll love a car and train themed play room. Buy a rug that depicts a road scene and set up a train track around the miniature town’s periphery. Roll up the rug once the children are in bed to make your playroom into a sitting room for adults.

Garden Room Ideas for your Outdoor Playroom - toy cars

A train track table that converts to a coffee table (by adding a lid) also makes for a seamless transformation from kids’ playroom during the day, to grown-up sitting room in the evening. Add a cushioned ottoman so that the toy storage can double as an extra seat.

A Movie and Games Room for Older Children

Once your children are past the toy stage, chances are they’ll move on to games consoles and watching movies with friends. A smart TV is a fab a investment as video streaming apps are built in, and some basic gaming apps can sometimes be installed. 

This garden room idea needs plenty of seating, as well as shelving for games storage. Consider going for a small sofa and a couple of bean bags to save on space but deliver on seating. A colourful rug and some bright scatter cushions can add to the comfort of the room while keeping it looking and funky.

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