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garden room during ill health

How A Garden Room Can Benefit You During Ill Health

We usually talk about garden rooms being a place for activities, for entertaining or for gardening but did you know they could also be highly beneficial during times of ill health? A garden room can provide many things which may not have previously crossed your mind so let’s take a look at those here…


If you are housebound, unable to leave without a carer, do not feel like going out then it can feel as though your home is beginning to close in on you. Looking at the same four walls can lead to very low feelings, can be very boring and have you longing for a change in scenery. By having a garden room installed in your outdoor space, you will be providing yourself with a little bit of escapism. Your own retreat that you can step into to leave the house behind without technically leaving the house! Having this building will give that time to take a breather, to look out onto your garden, to enjoy a new view, a little peace and quiet and should bring some calm.

Mental Health

If your mental health isn’t quite where it should be or you want it to be, being stuck inside your home can exasperate that. It has been proven that getting outdoors significantly aids with mental health issues but if you aren’t quite up to taking a walk in the woods or you don’t have access to local green spaces, why not look to your garden instead? By creating a tranquil green area of your own you will be getting plenty of fresh air, you will be reconnecting with nature, you will have a new focus and by installing a garden room you will have a place in which you can sit and look back over all you want to or have achieved.


When you are unwell for a long period of time, the house can start to feel a lot like a barrier to you. As we said above, those walls can feel as though they are closing in on you and this can often make your illness feel overwhelming. A garden room can provide you with a tranquil environment in which to reflect on all that is going on. This should give you time to think about what the future holds, perhaps make a list for the future/when you are better, write letters to loved ones, make a list for your doctor for your next visit and just take some stock of what has happened.


Being ill can completely take over but taking time for you is still important. I know when we mention self-care thoughts immediately go to spa days, face masks, manicures etc but honestly, self-care can be whatever you need it to be, whether that is to sit in silence, to read a book, take a nap, journal, take photos, meditate, do yoga, just do whatever your mind and body requires right now. A garden room can provide you with a quiet place in which to carry all of these activities out in and more. With heating, electricity, double glazing, insulation and even soundproofing available, this building is a far cry from your garden shed and can be just as comfortable (if not more!) as your home.

A garden room can do wonders for both your mental and physical health and if you need yours to be built to a particular specification we can talk through all of your options with you too. Get in touch today.

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