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Can I Have A Garden Room In A Small Garden?

When a client comes to us to discuss the possibility of having a garden room, a common question we get asked is “Can I have a garden room even though my garden is small?” We can see why this would be a concern but there are ways to get around this reduced space issue just by taking into consideration a few factors that you may not have thought of. 


The main starting point when considering a garden room for a smaller garden is to look at the size of your build. Now, immediately you may be thinking that this will result in a tiny building that wouldn’t be fit for many purposes… Think again. Just because you don’t have a large garden it doesn’t mean that you need to overly compromise.

Yes, a smaller building would fit in more easily and would still provide you with lawn and patio space but do not think that you need to go for one the size of a garden shed.

With a clever design, the right style selection and careful planning, our team can help you to come up with the right size room that will still provide you with a functional space. A garden room, after all, can be a variety of shapes, for example, a cube could fit snugly into a corner of your garden and be enough for a home office, but you could also consider a longer and narrower design which would span the width of your garden but not take up too much length. We promise that a garden room does not have to dominate the small outdoor space that you have.

Garden Room In A Small Garden

Use The Angles

If your garden has plenty of angles and corners, perhaps these would be a clever place in which to have your new building? By tucking it into a border or by coming off a corner, you can create a room that you will love without taking too much away from your limited outside space. A great example of a type of garden room that can work well in a corner is a summerhouse as these are very neat and their cutesy look fit in beautifully in any sized garden.

*Please note that you will need to look into planning permission and your deeds if you are building alongside a neighbours boundary.

House Extension

You could also consider almost making your garden room an extension of your home by placing it alongside the back of the house. So as you step out of that back door you can turn and enter the door into your garden room from say the patio area. This way you won’t have to disrupt your small garden space at all and you can keep your new building as a feature of the home.

Don’t Go For Design Extras

Keeping a garden room simple will really benefit the overall look in your small garden. Forget the roof overhangs and canopies, don’t even look into the decking or paved entrances, keep the extra space for the inside where it will be needed and leave the outside design extras behind. This will look far sleeker and more in keeping with the space you have to work with.

So, there we have it, 4 ways in which you can most definitely have a garden room with a small garden. For more information or to discuss your needs why not get in contact with us today?

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