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Garden Room Lighting: Different Options and Inspiration

Garden room lighting can be difficult to get right. Garden rooms have so many uses, and the lighting differs for each one. Lighting is an important factor in any room – inside or out, as it sets the ambience and mood.

Get the lighting wrong, and the room won’t quite feel right. For example, harsh, bright lighting in a room you planned to relax in might be too much. You might find you can’t settle but you’re unsure why. Replacing that lighting with a soft, warmer light could make all the difference.

Lighting is often forgotten about, as it’s something that’s taken for granted. Everywhere needs light – we can’t see anything without it – but it easily fades into the background (especially when it’s the right sort of lighting for the room in question). People don’t give it much thought because it’s a given. Without light, we can’t do much. It’s only when the lighting isn’t quite right that people tend to notice.

Garden Room Lighting Options & Inspiration

While all of our garden rooms come with four adjustable spotlights, it doesn’t hurt to introduce other lighting options too. 

This list will help you decide on which garden room lighting is the best fit for your needs.

Bright desk lamp – for a focused worker

If you’re using your garden room as an office or hobby room, chances are you’ll be needing a lot of light. The good thing about garden rooms is they tend to let in a lot of natural light, which is perfect for daytime working. If you’re working at night (or even in the winter when the evenings draw in) a bright desk lamp might suit you better.

This means you can point your light source over the exact area you need it. Whether you’re doing intricate technical drawing or simply typing, a bright light will help illuminate your work and boost your productivity.

To save electricity and money, an LED lamp is an energy efficient and cost effective option.

garden room lighting

Freestanding uplighter – for more ambient garden room lighting

Light travels in straight lines, so when you point the light onto a subject, it tends to be brighter. If you’re after a softer lighting in your garden room, consider an uplighter. A freestanding uplighter lamp does exactly what you’d expect it to. It projects the light upwards, which then bounces off the walls and ceiling, scattering and softening the end result. 

This provides a softer and dimmer type if illumination, and makes for the perfect garden room lighting for relaxing on an evening.

LED strip lighting – for a teenager’s hang out room

LED strip lighting is the hottest new trend. Thought to have been made popular by the viral video sharing platform TikTok, LED strip lighting sales are through the roof. One of the main attractions of this type of lighting is that it’s reasonably cheap and easy to install. It’s also popular with teens because it comes in colour changing options, turning whatever room their in into a cool, colourful den. If you use your garden room as an extra sitting room for the kids, consider installing LED strip lighting to give the place a trendy feel.

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