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They Look Great, But Is a Garden Room Noisy To Work In?

If you are looking for a garden room to work from home in you will obviously want this to be warm, comfortable, well ventilated, have natural light and not be too noisy. The last thing you need is to be distracted by sounds coming from your neighbourhood! Most of us probably have to deal with them every now and then, especially as houses are often built within close proximity to one another but you need the situation to be manageable so you can get on with your day. When inside your home, noise is usually kept to a minimum but, will a garden room be noisy to work in? Let’s take a look at that here…

Noise? No Thank you!

Here at Modern Garden Rooms, we know that nobody wants unnecessary noise coming into their outbuilding and making their job/hobby/lesson difficult to carry out which is why all of our rooms are built to the same standard as your home. With 4”x2” c16 structural timber containing acoustic insulation, Celotex rigid insulation, a waterproof membrane, plasterboard and timber cladding, you should feel assured that your garden room will be a joy to be in with very few noise distractions.

Double and Triple Glazing

A sure way of keeping outside noise to a minimum would be to choose double or even triple glazing for your windows and doors. If you know you live in a fairly noisy area then opting for triple glazing would be your best bet. When looking at installing these, also ensure that yourself or your chosen company properly seal the edges and that there are no gaps for sound or drafts to come through.

is a garden room too noisy to work in


To further help with keeping the noise to a minimum you should also take a look at your garden and see what changes you could make there. Trees and bushes make a great, natural solution to keeping noise out of your garden as do large soundproofing fences (although these can be a little costly). By adding furniture, pots and plants and climbers in your garden you will be helping to prevent any unwanted noise from echoing around your outdoor space. You could also think about adding a water feature that would provide a more welcomed sound than say an engine running.

Full Soundproof Options

If, however, you want to fully soundproof your garden room you will need to ensure that your entire building is treated. Most floors in a modern garden studio will be constructed from a solid concrete base which will prevent any sound from leaking out and we offer hard-wearing laminate flooring as standard for your flooring finish which will also help with keeping noise contained. The ceiling can also be soundproofed and, again, we can look into making this happen for you with damping materials. If you have additional needs or would like to look into other options which may help with soundproofing we are always happy to discuss this.

So, will a garden room be noisy to work in? Nope, not with a Modern Garden Room.

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