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Benefits Of A Garden Room Photography Studio For Photographers

Whether your business is portrait or product photography, a garden room photography studio could be exactly what you need to take your profession to the next level.

One of the most important things when taking photographs for clients is having a professional studio in which to set up your photography shoots. A place to store equipment and props is also a must. However, the cost of hiring such a space can be prohibitive, particularly if you’re just starting out in your photography business.

Alternatives to hiring a Photography Studio

Using a room in your house as a photography studio is an option, but it only works if you have the space to dedicate. Many photographers who have tried this method will tell you that it’s very tricky to alternate between living area and photography studio. Moving furniture etc out of the way every time you have a shoot becomes very tiring eventually!

If you are thinking about taking your photography business to the next level, then our modern garden rooms are the perfect way to create extra space at home and create the professional garden room photography studio.

What are the benefits of a Garden Room Photography Studio?

Although the cost of a garden room photography studio may appear high at the start, there are no ongoing costs associated with it. Once your studio is built, it’s yours and you can work from it whenever you need to without having to pay out hundreds of pounds for studio space.

You can even rent it out to other photographers by the hour to make back some of the money you’ve spent.

It’s convenient; there are no commutes, no apologies to clients when you’re stuck in traffic, and no waiting around for late clients while the clock ticks over. You won’t have to transport heavy and expensive photography and lighting equipment to multiple locations; once you have a garden room photography studio you can leave your props, camera etc there as long as you have taken adequate security measures and of course insurance.

garden room photography studio

Having your own space will improve your photography; you’ll soon be more comfortable in the space, knowing the light levels and best angles, so you will save time by being more efficient with your shoots.

One great benefit of designing your own garden studio is that you can set the levels of natural light you want through positioning of windows and doors. The whole design is entirely customisable. Perhaps you want a large open space for setting up shoots, a separate lockable room in which to store your photography equipment, lighting and backdrops, a desk so you can edit photos or even a waiting or changing area; the possibilities are really only governed by your own imagination, budget and space.

Of course, as it’s your own personal studio then you are free to decorate it as you wish. Showcasing your own photographs on the wall of your garden room photography studio will give a great impression to your clients when they come in, give them ideas and show them just what you can do.

Read this article for more information on setting up your garden room photography studio.

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