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Why Should I Consider a Garden Room Pool House?

Garden rooms are often thought of as a home office, a reading nook or an extension of the home but they really can be used for so much more and can benefit your lifestyle in a wide variety of ways. If you are fortunate enough to have a pool in your back garden, a garden room could be a real asset to this and here is why…

Garden Room Pool House

You may be thinking that the garden room could house the pool and yes, that could be one possibility but we want to look at how else it could work for you. If you have an existing outdoor pool, you’ll probably already know the issues that can be associated with wanting to enjoy this time but not having all of the facilities that will allow this to happen. 

A pool house will provide your home with a space that will bring you:

  • A changing room
  • A safe place to store belongings during your swim
  • A place to shower
  • A place to keep warm or shelter between swims
  • Somewhere to sit back and relax in

Changing Room

Imagine having a space where you can keep your swim gear right next to your pool. No more cold jig down the garden path, no more chilly runs back, no more dripping all over your house or walking dirt into it from the garden. Your dedicated changing room will be comfortable, it will be heated and will have electricity which means you will have good lighting too. You could have a waterproof floor installed, drainage to prevent any damp from building, mirrors, a place for a hairdryer, anything you can think of to make your pool house the perfect addition to your home.

pool house garden room

Safe Storage

As with all public swimming pools, it’s the norm to find lockers in which to keep all of your belongings. Even though this pool is on your own property, you may like to hold pool parties and with a lot of guests coming and going you will want to give them peace of mind that their valuables will be safe throughout their stay. Your pool house could easily hold a large selection of lockers or cupboards which could provide that security.


If you like to have a shower straight after your swim why not have a shower room installed inside your new pool house too? It would make perfect sense to have all of this in one place and to keep your swimwear in this room too. That way you can keep everything you need in one place and return your house refreshed and ready to move onto your next task.


The British weather can be very unpredictable but you don’t want this to ruin your time outside in your pool. This is where your pool house becomes invaluable. Instead of running back to the house and ending your family time or party, you can just whip open those large bi-fold doors and shelter from the rain or wind. If you have the space to add a kitchenette you could warm up with a cuppa whilst you wait for the weather to change again. This is a perfect solution if you have young children who may get cold quite quickly.


Why not turn part of your pool house into a relaxation area? Your very own spa at home. With a few special touches such as loungers, throws, music, books, a place for refreshments, you could have the dream– a pool, a wonderful view, your own space all to yourself and nobody else to disturb you. Bliss!

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