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garden room in spring

Why Should You Build a Garden Room in The Spring?

Making the decision to build a garden room is a biggie but once you’ve made it the next thing to consider is when to start the build. As we are currently in the winter we are going to let you know why we think building your garden room before the summer hits is a good idea and why a garden room in spring could be the perfect thing.


Of course, the first pointer is that the weather is much better in spring which makes the ground softer, the conditions better for materials being moved and left outside and will lead to a smooth build. That’s not to say that we cannot build in the winter, we can certainly build at any time of year but if you are thinking about waiting, you really don’t have to so why not build your garden room sooner rather than later?!

Family Gatherings

Getting your garden room build completed in the spring, especially if it is in time for big occasions such as Easter, May bank holidays or the school holidays, will mean you can be the one hosting the family gatherings. What better way to celebrate two things at once and in such a lovely location?!

Springtime Garden

Having a garden room built will allow you to start to really appreciate your garden and what better time to take it all in than in the springtime? This is the time when bulbs begin to grow and bloom, when wildlife starts to come back, when plans for how you’d like your summer garden to look can come into play. Just imagine sitting in your garden room in this season looking out at what you have and planning what else you’d love to have in this space.

outside garden room in spring

Working from Home

If you are still working from home due to current situations or if your work will now be permanently home-based, you may well be losing out on space inside your home. If you are looking for the ideal workspace then a garden room can give you that feeling of being at work whilst still being at home. Walking across the garden in the spring to your new build should, well, give you a “spring in your step” and what better time to make this transition than when the weather is just starting to change? Just imagine that view, the natural sunlight, your dedicated space and privacy.

Gardening Room

If you are an avid gardener or want to start growing your own, then a garden room makes a perfect gardening room. Here you can prep your seeds and plants, plan out your garden, store your gardening equipment, have a place to sit and look across your garden from not to mention a place to take shelter if it begins to rain. Getting your garden room built in spring will tie in brilliantly with the start of the next gardening season.

If you’d like to build your garden room in the spring, why not get into contact with us today?

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