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Why A Garden Room Makes The Ideal Therapist’s Office

Why A Garden Room Makes The Ideal Therapist’s Office

With the rise in popularity of garden rooms, especially in the last year, we are hearing more and more about how people are utilising this space in their everyday lives including for work. We often simply imagine this being set up as an office space for somebody who needs a quiet place to take phone calls and to work on their computer but what if your chosen career involves having patients or clients? Could this be the right environment for your work too? Let’s take a look at why a garden room makes the ideal Therapist’s office.


When you work within the therapy sector, one of the biggest parts of your job is to be able to provide your patient with privacy and confidentiality. Both of these are what enable your session to flow, to allow your patient to feel confident in opening up and in finding some resolutions. A garden room is set away from your home, it doesn’t have next door offices, there isn’t the worry that somebody will be able to hear through a thin wall, which makes it the perfect build for this type of work to take place in.

No Distractions

Did you know that a garden room is fully insulated and can also be completely soundproofed too? This will provide your business with complete privacy as we mentioned above but will also mean that you won’t have any distrations during your sessions even if your garden backs onto a busy road.


A garden room provides a tranquil environment due to several reasons. Firstly, a garden is naturally calming and being away from the hustle and bustle from a street or built-up area helps your patient to feel more at ease. Secondly, it is a more intimate setup which will feel far more inviting than walking into an office block and thirdly you can create a welcoming atmosphere with your interior choices which will allow your garden room to feel warm rather than clinical.

Why A Garden Room Makes The Ideal Therapist’s Office

Flexible Hours

Working in therapy can be tricky when you are trying to fit patients into a 9-5 day as they may also work fulltime, they may have family commitments and could struggle to regularly attend week on week. By having your place of work at home, you could offer up flexible hours to your patients which would allow you to be able to meet their needs and this will also allow you to be free at the times that you need for your own life admin and errands.

Working All Year Round

Gone are the days of the drafty summer house or upgraded shed, a modern garden room will be warm, insulated, have double glazing, electricity, running water and heating which will allow you to work from it all year round no matter the weather. You will be able to open doors and windows to enjoy a summer breeze or turn up the heating on a chilly winter day. This means that your patients will feel physically comfortable which will really help with their session with you.

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