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Jobs to Complete Around Your Garden Room in Winter

Jobs to Complete Around Your Garden Room in Winter

The winter months may be the time when you’d rather be indoors keeping warm but on those dry, clear days it can be a great time to do some checks around the garden and your garden room to ensure that everything is kept in tip-top condition. Here are a few jobs we suggest for this time of year…

Flower Beds

If you have flower beds surrounding your garden room, the winter period is the ideal time to get deadheading, clearing those seasonals and having a general tidy up. This is also the best time for planting any bulbs ready for blooming in the spring. Fallen leaves can be both a blessing and a problem. They can provide vital cover for insects at this time of year but they can also cause rot to some plants and flowers so we would recommend removing any that are covering your plants but leaving what you can on the bed itself in order to help that tiny ecosystem.


At this time of year, hedges should generally be left alone. Allow them to get through the frosty and chilly season so that come spring time their leaves and branches should be growing healthily. The only job you could do here is to clear any rotting leaves, pick up fallen twigs either from these or overhanging trees and check your hedges/bushes for any signs of issues.

Jobs to Complete Around Your Garden Room in Winter


If your garden room has a decked area it is essential that you tend to this during the winter as it can easily become a slip hazard. The build-up of water, algae, ice and leaves are all issues for an area like this so a regular sweep, wash down or even power wash will do it the world of good. This way you will be able to continue safely using your garden room all year round.

If you use this area for sitting or have ornaments or plant pots it is best to store these away for the winter in order to protect them.

Windows and Doors

Just like with your home, the windows and bi-fold doors to your garden room will become mucky during this time of the year. Giving them a good clean as well as an inspection will help to keep your garden room in good condition and looking great.

Guttering on Your Garden Room

Leaves, moss, muck and a lot of rain can all cause damage and blockages to guttering. In order to prevent these from leading to further issues to the structure of your building make some time to get up and clear anything away. You could also give the outside a little clean whilst you are there to prevent staining. Of course, if this job is a little too mucky or physical for you, you could ask a window cleaner or handyman to help you out.

The Garden Room Roof

If you are starting to see any problems with the roof during the winter months you should act fast on these before they lead to anything worse such as leaks or mould. It isn’t a common problem but factors such as age, overhanging trees and storms can all play a part in creating damage. Regularly check your garden room roof for any leaves, branches, water-logged areas, moss and so on and clear these away as and when you can.

Check Your Lighting

With the darker mornings and evenings, you will need to ensure that you have sufficient lighting for your garden area and garden room especially if you use it for say work purposes. Solar lights can still work well in the winter even with less light and these make a pretty and easy way to light up a path to and from your home to the garden room. Security lights are a good choice for the outside of the garden room as they won’t use up too much electricity and will alert you to any movement. Fairy lights make a stunning wintery touch for the Christmas season and lamps placed around inside your garden room will help to keep the light at an optimum level on those more gloomy days.

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