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Can I Have a Garden Room With a Sauna

Is It Possible To Have a Garden Room With a Sauna?

A Modern Garden Room can be a huge variety of things, whatever you need in your life whether that be an office, an entertainment space, a reading area, an exercise studio or somewhere to relax, unwind and pamper yourself. The great thing about this space is that you can plan, adapt and squeeze in quite a lot, including your own home sauna.

The Benefits of a Home Sauna

Having a sauna at home can be incredibly beneficial to your health. Saunas are proven to help to eliminate toxins within the body, decongest organs, rejuvenate your skin, improve aches and pains, aid sleep, relieve stress and revitalise your whole body. Using one 4 times a week can really help to improve your overall health so creating a sauna room in your garden room will help to save you money in the long term and also benefit your well-being.

Are There Any Building Regulations To Follow?

As your sauna will be going inside your garden room you will not need to seek planning permission for the build. In terms of safety measures when it comes to the sauna itself, we would recommend purchasing one from a reputable company that can provide you with sound advice, safe equipment and a well-made product. There aren’t many regulations for sauna production within the UK but this article from Finnmark is extremely detailed and informative on the important areas and would be handy to refer to when doing your own sauna company research.

Can I Have a Garden Room With a Sauna

Do I Need a Large Garden Room For A Sauna?

Not at all, even one of our smallest garden rooms could accommodate a sauna especially if you only require a 1 or 2 person one. These really don’t take up much space at all and if you only want your garden room for this one function, you will be fine.

What is The Best Type of Sauna to Use?

In our opinion, it would be best to purchase a free-standing sauna that could be easily installed and even removed if you changed your mind further down the line. This would allow you to have full use of the sauna for as long as you need without causing damage to the structure of the garden room if circumstances ever altered i.e. you need the room to become a home office as your working situation has changed.

Which Garden Room Would You Recommend For a Sauna?

We have a great variety of garden room styles here at Modern Garden Rooms but if you are looking for one that would be in keeping with that traditional sauna look then we would recommend our Concave Room with its gorgeous red cedar wood, large bi-fold doors and lovely decking area – a perfect place to sit after your pamper session.

If you’d like to discuss having a sauna inside a garden room please do get in touch with us today.

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