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All You Need To Kit Out Your Garden Room Yoga Studio

If you enjoy home yoga then you will know the importance of having the space in which to do it. The quiet, the right atmosphere, a clear floor space and somewhere for all the equipment you require. A garden room makes the perfect place for this type of exercise and in this article we are going to take a look at all you need to kit out your garden room yoga studio.

Heating & Air Con

A garden room can be used all year round because it is built to a high spec using insulation, high-quality flooring, double glazing and it will come with electricity and heating as standard. As yoga can be either slow and reflective or faster paced and intense, you will need both heating and some form of air conditioning to help you to enjoy your session. This will also mean that you can also use your garden room yoga studio in every season and still be comfortable.

Adjustable Lighting

What lighting you want will highly depend on the type of yoga you are doing. So, if you are moving around a lot and want a more intense workout, you will want full lights on, but if you’d like some relax time, some meditation and restorative yoga, you may want your lights to dim to aid in the way you are feeling. Having dimmer lights, corner lights, spotlights or even warm toned lamps can all be beneficial.

Music System

Not a necessity but definitely a nice to have. Having a music system built into your garden room will give you surround sound, will help to create the right atmosphere for your workout and will be simple to use in each session.

Yoga Mat

Yes, this is an obvious piece of equipment but what’s great about having a large room for your yoga session is that you can now choose to have a larger yoga mat which will make your sessions significantly better. You won’t have to stop and alter your position so much, you won’t find yourself edging onto the floor and you won’t have to deal with your mat hitting items of furniture (or toys!) You could also choose to invest in several yoga mats so that you can have a choice or so that you could have friends over to join in too.

garden room yoga studio

Resistance Bands

If you are doing yoga for flexibility then a resistance band will help in aiding your stretching sessions which will allow you to get into those yoga moves more easily.

Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks are a great tool to help you to feel more comfortable in yoga positions especially if you are new to this form of exercise. By placing a block under your bottom for example, you will be able to sit cross legged and more upright for longer. By placing it under your lower back, you will get a stretch that can help with aches and pains. By using it for balance, you may be able to master a split in time. These are a must-have if you want to take your yoga to the next levels.


Of course, not all yoga sessions will be as intense as trying to master a headstand or split, some are for meditation and restorative reasons which will encorporate the use of pillows. These will help you to relax, to unwind, to rest upon and to help your body to recover from whatever it is going through.

Eye Pillow

Following on from our above point, another amazing piece of yoga equipment for relaxation is a scented eye pillow. These are usually filled with lavender fragranced beans and can be warmed up in the microwave to provide some much needed relief for your eyes.


Did you know that certain house plants can actually improve the air quality of a room? We have covered this previously in this post here. Choosing the right plants for your yoga studio will therefore have a positive impact on your workout environment which will be far better for your health. Not only this but they will also make your garden room look more homely and enticing.


And of course you will want to decorate your home yoga studio in a way that will make you smile each time you step inside the door. Maybe include a chill out zone with a small sofa and beanbags? You may want large prints of yoga poses on the walls? You may want bright paint colours to lift your mood? Whatever your taste, you can create a decor to suit.

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