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Garden Room home schooling

Garden Room: The Best Home Schooling Location

Home schooling has taken a big focus over the last few years. With many parents taking on this new job during lockdowns it has been reported that the increase in those choosing to home school permanently has accelerated since the pandemic hit. The flexibility of learning, of school hours, being able to proceed with child-led learning and cater to their needs are all big draws of home schooling and if you have the time and resources as well as the drive to do it, it may well be one of the best steps you could take. One issue that can arise is finding the space in which to carry out your home learning. Your home may not have sufficient space for a table, it may be noisy, you may be lacking storage and this is precisely why we think the best home schooling location is a garden room.

Dedicated Space

The top advantage of having a garden room for your home schooling activities is that you will have a dedicated space for your child/children to carry out a wide variety of school work. You could divide the room up into learning areas and mix these up as and when required. For example, one corner could be for reading, an end by a wall could be for an art display, a kitchenette area could be used for cooking, a large table could be added for science experiments and so on. This is a blank canvas that can provide you with the space for all you need throughout the year.

Access to Outside

A large part of home schooling is connecting with nature and a garden room will allow this to happen more easily because you can throw open those bi fold doors and step straight out into your green space. Having this easy access will mean that you could go out and investigate wildlife, you could start to grow your own just outside the garden room doors, you could play games on the lawn, go on a bug hunt and bring them inside to study and any written school work could be conducted outside on a nice sunny day. A far nicer location than being stuck inside the house.

Garden Room home schooling


We all know that UK homes aren’t the best designed for storage and home schooling is one area where you really do need that extra space. A garden room could give you that breathing room, it could clear the clutter from your home and provide you with an organised space in which to keep your paperwork, books, arts and crafts, tech, filing cabinets, musical instruments and so on. It’s a win win because your home will be freed up and your garden room will be an organised dream.

No Distractions

I think one thing many of us learnt over the lockdowns was that working and doing school work inside the house can come with an awful lot of distractions. The front door knocks, the phone goes, the neighbour is being noisy, other family members are moving around doing their own thing, someone else is on a phone call so needs you to be quieter… The list could go on. Moving your home schooling day out from the home and into a garden room will remove all of these distractions and allow you to really focus on what you want and need to be doing. As well as this, you will be able to work as freely as your day requires you to without disturbing anyone else who may be at home too.

A Nice Atmosphere

And finally, a garden room makes for a perfect home schooling location because all of these above factors lead to a much nicer atmosphere in which to work and study. The quiet, the lovely view, the connection with nature, the space to carry out your school work, all of this will lead to a better environment and we all know that a better working environment leads to a more productive day.

If you would like to speak to us about the possibility of having your own garden room home schooling building then please do get in contact today.

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