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garden rooms have increased in popularity

Why Have Garden Rooms Increased In Popularity?

It may well surprise you that garden rooms have been gradually increasing in popularity since 2013. We often think of conservatories as being that new addition to the home and throughout the 90’s this was most definitely the case but since the idea of having a garden cabin came into focus, there has been a steady growth both in sales and the number of companies offering this bespoke service. So what changed? Why have garden rooms increased in popularity over other ways of extending the home? Let’s take a look…

More Garden Time

It seems that there was a shift in attitudes towards gardens and we went from the trend of having a lot of hard landscaping to people becoming more willing to getting their fingers green. This has come about due to our awareness of the impact that plants can have on our environment, the positive effect that a green space can have on our moods and having a place to enjoy a hobby. This extra garden time led to people wanting a little more for their garden and a garden room is a great choice. It can be an outdoor kitchen or bar, a room for gardening, a space for entertaining, an art studio, gym or a simple reading room but with all, it takes you away from your home and out into your garden.

Working From Home

Working from home comes with its difficulties – lack of space, noise, distractions and so on which is why a garden room has become a number one choice for providing a sound place to work from. Add in the current situation with Covid and lockdowns and this has meant that there has been a complete shift in how people work and also the change in mindset for the future. More and more companies have realised that jobs can be performed from home which may well see a rise in the number of people working from home permanently and if this is the case, they will want a home office that will provide them with all of their needs.

garden rooms to home office

Starting A New Business

For those who have longed to start their own business but were unsure about renting out space whether that be in an office or gym or shared work area, a garden room is a long term solution which will pay off. You won’t be sinking money into somebody else’s pocket and you will be able to provide a professional place for clients to visit. A garden room has particularly been a perfect venue for those who have chosen to go into the personal training sector.


In recent years we have all become far more aware of our own physical and mental wellbeing. We know that we cannot function well if we burn ourselves out and we know that with stressful jobs and lifestyles comes problems. Taking more time to care for ourselves, to work out, to take a break has become a positive focus and having a place in which to do all of this is so important. A garden room can give you that place, away from the hustle and bustle of the home. It can be anything you require it to be and this can change as your own needs change which makes it a great investment.

Lack Of Space

Another reason that garden rooms have increased in popularity is due to the lack of space people have in their homes. As their family grows, space becomes more limited but due to high house prices, it can feel as though it is impossible to move. Adding a garden room as an extension of your home allows you to stay put but to gain that space you so desperately need.

Multiple Uses for Garden Rooms

A garden room can be used for whatever purpose you require and the best thing about this is that as your needs change, your garden room can also change. Perhaps you will need it as a garden gym to begin with but it may later become a playroom or teenage den? It could be a dining room by night but a relaxation room by day. You may need it for an art studio one day and use it as a yoga room another day. They are so completely versatile because they are built to the same standard as your home (insulation, heating, electricity, plumbing) and can also be used all year round.

So there we have it, plenty of great reasons as to why a garden room is such a popular choice. If you are ready to make this change, why not give us a call today?

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