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rugs work well in insulated garden rooms

Are Garden Rooms the Most Versatile Option for Your Property?

Garden rooms are having a moment right now. It seems like everyone is either building one, planning one or currently decorating their own. The beautiful thing about garden rooms is they can be used for anything you want, so while your neighbour is building his with a garden bar in mind, your cousin might have built her own bespoke outdoor sewing room!

Great Uses for Garden Rooms

The brilliant thing about building an additional room in your garden is that the building work won’t make any cold and messy disruptions inside your home. You gain extra space without dealing with extra stress. This is likely to be one of the reasons garden rooms have become so popular in recent years.

Below are some of the most popular uses for a garden room:

teens can use garden rooms as a den

A teenager’s den

Giving your teen a place to spend time with their friends is a fantastic idea. It allows them the freedom they desperately crave, while giving you the reassurance you need that they really are where they say they are. Set the room up with comfy places to sit – a sofa and some extra bean bags should provide relaxed seating options (and the bean bags can be packed away while they’re not in use). If you’ve got a teen who loves gaming, put the games console out there too. If they have their own gaming room, it reduces squabbles over who gets control of the TV.

A grown up sitting room

garden rooms sitting rooms

Having kids can leave you feeling like you don’t have anything for yourself any more. Your lounge has likely be dominated by toys and hours of kids TV, what was once a relaxing bathroom will no doubt be overrun by floating toys and rubber ducks, and the whole place probably feels more geared to children than it does adults. Having a grown up sitting room in your garden gives you something that’s just for you. It allows you to decorate based on your tastes (rather than opting for whatever doesn’t show up stains very well). Having a room that’s just for you is the perfect place to relax at the end of a long day.

Garden rooms make great hobby rooms

Whether your passion is woodwork or knitting, chances are you’ve got a pile of kit that needs a home and you’re in need of a place to work. Hobbies are proven to improve your mental health, so it’s really important to follow your passions. The only problem is, hobbies tend to take up a fair bit of space. The deeper into the hobby you get, the more kit you’ll acquire that helps with that hobby. Just ask any knitter how much wool they have – it’s likely to be a room full! Having a room specifically for your hobby means you can keep everything in one place. That way your equipment is less likely to spill over into communal living areas and the rest of your house can be kept tidy. A room of your own to concentrate on your hobby will give you hours of uninterrupted relaxation.

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