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Work from home your way in a bespoke garden salon or beauty shed

It’s not just the 9-to-5 desk workers who can benefit from working from home these days. With more and more businesses across all kinds of sectors transitioning to hybrid working or full-time remote setups, there’s no reason your hair or beauty business can’t do the same!

If the idea of cutting out the commute and saving on business expenses like parking and rent appeals to you, then a garden salon could be the solution you’re looking for. Create the ultimate flexible working arrangement for you and your family – without compromising on the salon experience your customers crave. Make working from home work for you with a bespoke garden salon or garden treatment room.

What can you use a garden salon or beauty shed for?

A garden salon can be used for just about anything and is ideal for creating a dedicated workspace to help you manage your work-life balance. Whether you are operating a home hair salon, working as a nail technician, providing bespoke beauty treatments, or healing clients with massage and holistic therapies, a beauty shed can provide the perfect space from which to run your business.

As well as creating a physical divide between your living and work spaces, a garden salon can be a great way to add a touch of luxury to your client experience. Garden salons are located in the tranquil setting of the outdoors, surrounded by calming nature. This can help create a restful and relaxing atmosphere for customers – perfect for getting their hair done or indulging in a luxury treatment. And unlike a converted room within your home, garden salons make the best use of natural daylight, which is perfect for gently illuminating hair and skin for glowing results.

Designing your bespoke garden salon

When you’re designing a garden salon or beauty shed, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, think about what kind of atmosphere you want to create. Do you want your garden salon to be relaxing and soothing, or livelier and more unique space? Once you’ve decided on the overall mood, you can start thinking about specific details of your garden salon such as the colour scheme, furniture, and decorations.

But before all that, it’s important to consider the practical aspects of your garden salon to create a space that works for you and your business. There are so many possibilities when it comes to designing a bespoke garden salon; your imagination and budget really are the limit. Consider whether you want to combine functional outdoor space with your practical indoor space, such as a secluded veranda for providing massage treatments on warm days, or a comfortable outdoor seating area for clients to enjoy whilst they wait for their appointment or as their hair colour develops.

Beauty sheds can also be zoned into multiple smaller spaces, which is ideal for creating a customer waiting area, reception, an office or admin space, or rooms for employees to be able to treat multiple people at once. And if you’re providing a workspace for staff as well as entertaining clients, then you might want to consider including toilet and kitchen facilities in your garden salon for a truly comfortable experience.

Consider your garden salon features

Garden salons have all the comforts that you and your customers would expect from a high street salon. By including features such as heating, lighting, and plumbing, you can create a practical space that can be enjoyed all year round. Heating will allow you to extend the use of your garden salon into the cooler months, while lighting will provide a warm and inviting atmosphere in the evenings. Plumbing fixtures could include a sink, which can be used for treatment preparation and hair washing, and even a shower, which can extend the range of treatments you offer. By including these features in your garden salon, you can create a workspace that is truly functional and enjoyable.

Work rain or shine in an all-weather garden salon

A garden salon is a versatile workspace that can be used all year round, regardless of the weather. Our bespoke garden salons and treatment rooms are made from high-performance insulated and weatherproof materials, so you and your clients can stay comfortable even on the coolest days. Garden salons feature plenty of natural daylight, but they are also wired up with lighting to enable you to work at any hour. And a fully functional power supply also means you can run essential equipment such as hairdryers, straighteners, and sunbeds, and play relaxing music to create a soothing ambience.

Choose a maintenance-free garden salon

If you are investing in a garden salon then you absolutely want it to last, so make sure you research and choose a supplier that offers quality. Our garden salons and outdoor treatment rooms are purpose-built using premium materials that come with a 10-year warranty against defects and damage. We use innovative building and fabrication techniques that withstand the natural environment, to give your garden salon a lifespan of 30+ years – without any maintenance!

Garden salon planning permission

Our garden rooms are a fast and flexible solution for adding extra workspace to your property. In most cases, we can install your bespoke garden salon in a matter of weeks – without planning permission. As part of the planning process, we’ll make sure that your garden salon doesn’t take up more than half of your total garden area and that the structure itself is no higher than 2.5 metres, to comply with pre-approved regulations. Your new garden treatment room is just weeks away with our quick and easy fitting process!

Choosing the best garden salon provider

If you’re looking to create a bespoke home workspace for your beauty or holistic treatment business, then a garden salon could be the ideal solution. A dedicated garden treatment room or outdoor salon is a fantastic choice if you don’t have or want to sacrifice living space in your main house. The addition of a garden salon could even increase the value of your property in the long run – but only if you invest in a quality building provider.

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At Modern Garden Rooms we use innovative construction processes and superior quality materials to ensure your bespoke garden salon will last for decades to come. Our team of garden workspace designers and expert builders handle the complete planning, design, and installation process, which means that we can have your new treatment studio up and running in under three weeks. Start planning your dream workspace today with our online design and pricing tool, or book a free, no-obligation garden salon survey and quotation today.


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