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Garden Security How To Protect Your Outdoor Buildings

Garden Security: How To Protect Your Outdoor Buildings

Protecting your home from potential break-ins is a no brainer. Most UK households will have security locks and chains, a home alarm system and/or CCTV to ensure the safety of their family and their possessions but how many of us can say that we also go to those lengths when it comes to our outdoor buildings? These can often hold items of high value especially if you are a keen gardener, DIY-er or if you own a Modern Garden Room for the likes of work, working out or entertaining, so why do we overlook protecting them in the same way? The garden is often one of the first places that an intruder looks to gain access from to your home so it makes perfect sense to up your security here and we have some great ways in which this can be done.


Begin by taking a look at your perimeter. How high is your fence? Is it easily accessible? Are there any gaps or broken areas? Do you have a hedge that can seen through? All of these aspects are important when it comes to trying to deter a wannabe thief. A high, sturdy fence will immediately give the impression that you have taken some time to protect your home and it may also begin to give warning signs to your intruder that there may be further security measures in place on the other side. Add a trellis, plants, roses and so on to the top and this will make it even harder for somebody to climb over. A high, well-pruned hedge will not only be difficult to get over but it will also show that you are actively in your garden and that this isn’t a neglected area of your home. If you have a brick wall, add plant pots along the top to limit areas of access. Making it hard for them from the start is the first step in deterring them.


Your garden gate wants to be sturdy and secure, ideally you should have 2 locks (1 at the handle and another either at the top or the bottom) and use a padlock at night and whilst you are out.

Garden Security: How To Protect Your Outdoor Buildings

Natural Garden Security

You don’t necessarily need to run off and splash out on all of the latest security tech, you can create garden security in natural ways too. A holly bush, for example, cleverly planted below a fence will cause your burglar a few issues! As will a garden that has raised beds, box hedges dotted about, netting for vegetable plots plus a wildlife area that is left untouched to grow nettles is also an easy way to protect your garden.


Adding noisy gravel to your garden paths is a really simple defence against unwanted guests. Another sneaky idea is to add crazy paving, stepping stones or to have it twist and turn. All of which will be tricky to manoeuvre in the dark!

Garden Security Products

To further protect yourself, you can choose to invest in movement sensor lights, flood lights on timers, CCTV cameras (or dummy ones as these can often be enough to deter someone) and an alarm on your garden gate.

Garden Room Security

If you have a garden room that holds a lot of items of high value, your first step you should take is to remove these from view at the end of each day. Use storage boxes, cupboards and drawers to tuck away expensive equipment such as laptops, printers, music systems and so on. If you have larger items such as gym equipment, cover these up or purchase a screen that can go around them when not in use.

To further deter an intruder, invest in some good curtains and blinds for both the doors and the windows so they cannot see in at all plus ensure that you have a good security lock on all of them too. Your sensor light could be placed onto your garden room rather than the house so that when it is triggered the light is aimed towards your home which will be more visible to you. And lastly, you could also install a good alarm system on your garden building too.

It is also worth speaking to your home insurers to ensure that you can cover any outbuildings and their contents if the worst should happen.

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